tools                      i wanted a grill that i could fit in my pocket so here u go
wire cutters

altoids tin
2 altoids lids
small space chicken wire
lighter fluid
sealable vile

Step 1: Put the Lid on the Bottom

cut the in side of the lid out. u should proably sand down the edges so u don't get cut. this where the chicken wire will go

Step 2: Time for the Wire

put second lid on bottom of altoids tin. cut some wire to the size of the LID. push it into the lid so it pops in place if it won't fit trim of some. if it doesn't pop its to small and u have to start over.

Step 3: Filler Up

fill vile with lighter  fluid. put charcoal in the tin put the lighter in the tin and start grillin 
course it works would i have posted it if it didn't <br>
Does it work
looks cool! can you post some pics of it in use?
sure i will try to take some pictures and post it have you made it yet
Good idea so far, but can you add more detail to this step? I don't get how you turn it on or how the charcoal gets heated without the lighter melting.
forgot then light it
put the charcoal pieces in put on some lighter fluid on or hand sanatizer

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