Pocket Sized Lego Gun





Introduction: Pocket Sized Lego Gun

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This is my mini Lego gun its simple to make and only takes 5minutes top to make. 
The things i like and specifically wanted in this little gun was it to shoot quiet far and to be really strong when it hits the target.  

Step 1: Building the Gun

hope fully you can make the gun from the pictures its a little hard to explain how to build  

Step 2: Placing Rubber Bands

the rubber band is easy to put on the gun once u hav it on u place the washer (bullet/ammo) on the up side down T and put the rubber band over it and then to fire pull the T down until the washer(bullet) flys off.



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    Ok I can't load my instruct able for some reason it's not working

    Wait gotta create it don't have it yet just created an account

    Hey check my instruct able I modded urs

    It took about 20 minutes for me to find all the tiny parts :P

    thanks i recon it was to i like to build lego and knex guns but i find that half the ones i find on here have special pieces that i dnt have and i thought there would be others in the same position so i created this be cause its easy and doesn't use many pieces to make but it shoots quiet powerfully if u do the rubber bands right (: