It's small , it's Cheap , It's the samllest flying toy you can make with some office supplies

Step 1: The Materials and the Tools

First of all Thanks for choosing my instructable and i hope you enjoy it.
It is based on this instructable https://www.instructables.com/id/EY531XQ6DQEP287Z4P/
In order to make our kite we will need these:

A A4 Sheet of paper
A 10x10 cm sheet (you can make it by cutting a normal sheet )if you want you can make it with a post-it note
A pen or a pencil
Clear tape or masking tape ( i recommend using both)
Cotton or nylon string (the thinnest possible)
A small mauly ( #19)
a paperclip
A used Zip lock bag ( clean!)
a hole puncher ( optional)

Swiss tool (or pliers and scissors and hobby knifr and magnifier)
Calculator (optional)
The mauly is known as a "binder clip" in the US.
or a "barbie purse" if you fold the handles together.
They're bulldog clips in Australia.
bulldog clips in the UK too
Bulldog or bull clips in Canada.
and binder clips, too, if you live in western canada.
i have a REAL bulldog!(the animal not the clip)
well we call them bulldog clips also maybe its the region you live in (i live in the southeast)
I don't get it - tape it to what?Am I supposed to make another small sheet of paper, fold it likewise and tape them to each other?Please, help
I like it, how bout a tater chip bag for the skin?
ooo, it would be fun to use this with one of those mini fans that u might have on your workspace
One more thing that you should do next time oyu write an instructable, is stick to words in the title that actually describe the project. A micron is 1E-6 m, I hightly doubt that your kite is infact that small, I was really looking forward to making a tiny kite :( (good job though)
i don't know how do i post it like "micron-sized" }, excuse and thnaks for the comment
Does it fly?
actually only in windy days you can use it in calm days by cutting or reducing the tail depending in the situatiion
this instructable doesn' make any sense at all...
I think that using the word "Micro" would be better, because it gennerally used for small things. Even if they are not 1/10,000 (or is it 100,000?)
Excuse me and thanks the comments will help me in improving the next instructable I hope yyou like it

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