Pocket Sized Tool Box


This is my pocket sized tool box. It has every thing I need to fix things outside my home and can be used as a survival kit. It contains tools like small screw drivers, small marker, and measuring  tape Hmmm what else might I need? I need a tape , pliers , wire cutter , lighter , hot glue and solder iron ...etc.

The tape :
 I get a small pen tube so I  roll a tape on it.

Pliers :
This is something for nails but you can use it like pliers or diagonal or wire cutter.

Cutter knife:

I took a lighter to melt the hot glue and stick with.
For solder I took a solder wire and melt it and solder with. 
I collect tools in a cardboard box and here I have it in a pocket sized tool box. 

To Hot glue and soldering with a lighter

I took a lighter and a solder wire for soldering with and a small hot glue gun stick to stick it with.
It works very goood. 

cutter knife: It was a old cutter knife and i cut it into half and make it look nice!

and i take a lighter to melt the hot glue and stick with
and  for solder i take a solder wire and melt it and solder with 
and i collect tools in a cardboard box and here i have it a pocket sized tool box

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Step 3: The electrical tape

 This  is my home made electrical tape you can make it from a piece of plastic pen and electrical tape.
take the plastic pen and roll  it on the electrical tape. 
eyesee1 year ago
Do very fine
punkhead582 years ago
Very nice. I reccommend getting a mini multitool, like the Swiss Tech Micromax, and a mini flashlight, like the Photon Microlight. They are super small, and never leave my pocket.

sunshiine2 years ago
Thanks for sharing! I wish you the best!
Mahmoud Alaa (author)  sunshiine2 years ago
thanks sunshiine you the best
Bongmaster2 years ago
4th pic step one.. hut glue?
Mahmoud Alaa (author)  Bongmaster2 years ago
thx. i correct it

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