Pocket Sized Tool Box


Introduction: Pocket Sized Tool Box

About: thank you sunshiine for supporting me : ) i am mahmoud , i live in Egypt , i like to inventing new things form junk and old toys and

my pocket sized tool box it has all the important tools that you should have
it has:
pliers or diagonal or wire cutter
electric tabe 
paper and marker
cutter knife
solder wire
small hot glue gun stick 
measuring tabe



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    This is an excellent how-to-do tutorial. It's amazing what one can squeeze into a small packing box - all those useful goodies for emergencies… Good job! Now the only thing left to do is waterproofing…

    4 replies

    thank you :D
    for waterproofing you can put it in a plastic bag :D

    You are missed! Hope your day shines.


    i miss you too :D i an back with anothet featured instructable :D

    have you ever tried of making one of metal ?

    1 reply

    Really good, next time I would include tips on acquiring the items in the kit.

    You could have done this inside an altoids tin, to make the box more stable and look cooler. good job!

    3 replies

    i am from egypt
    in egypt there aren't altoids boxes

    What part of egypt?

    nice job, check out my tiny tobbaco tin tool kit, same sort of thing, where did u get the mini tape measure?


    3 replies

    Thanks, im gonna buy one soon :)