Pocket Spy Camera


Introduction: Pocket Spy Camera

hey guys today i will show you how to make a pocket spy camera

Step 1:

the items that you need are camera(you can use the ps3 one), bag and laptop.
to use the ps3 one you need to download a program and here is the url

Step 2:

know you need to dis-metal the camera.

Step 3:

know you need to cut the bag so you you can hide the camera.

Step 4:

know you need to go to the power option and select (choose what the power option does) after that select do nothing for the 
(when i close the led) and if you hadn't found it the picture will show you.

Step 5:

know you need to connect the camera to the laptop and after that close the laptop and put it in the bag and hide the camera. 

so that's how you create pocket spy camera.



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