Picture of police-and-thief-safe safe
a police-and-thief-safe safe to hide money or whatever in your car or house or ...
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Step 1: Material

Picture of material
material :
1 cigarette-pack

Step 2: Inner part

Picture of inner part
cut out of cardboard this form , 2 mm smaller than original pack

Step 3:

Picture of
glew it , so it fits inside the pack , just sliding

Step 4: Filter

Picture of filter
glew filters into inner box and the smaller cardboard-bit as a support .

Step 5: Finish

Picture of finish
add all the filters , original front-cartboard and back-silverfoil as in an original pack

Step 6: Open safe

Picture of open safe
put thing into pack

Step 7: Closed safe

Picture of closed safe
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jthomas60802 months ago

When i'm searching a person or vehicle, either with consent, due to an arrest, or with probable cause from odor or sight, I check every cigarette carton I come across by pulling a few out. This would definitely fail that test.

It's not a bad idea, I think police are trained to check for these types of things but police can also be lazy or absent minded so it couldn't hurt unless of course there is some draconian law out there to punish you if your caught doing this.

9kopb1 year ago
its doesnt work in Russia :D
RDJones2 years ago
Neat idea, but when my car was broken into, the only thing stolen was a pack of cigarettes...
yk1913 years ago
This safe is not so safe. Cigarettes are being taxed tremendously, here in New York. It now costs about $12 a pack.
Don't be surprised if the next time a thief breaks in, he will steal all of your cigarettes, even if there is no other valuables to steal.
bdemirci yk1912 years ago
And, the NYPD looks inside your cigarette packs. (Luckily, they found nothing in mine.)
mikeltv13 years ago
Well if you are a minor, how are you going to get the cigarettes? They cannot be sold to minors
Datawolf3 years ago
"Thief-safe" ?
I guess you hide your smartphones in a dvd-player-like safe ?
NeonLime3 years ago
Aww damn! I thought of this idea years ago to bring pot into a concert, but I never followed up on it. OH WELL! Great minds think alike! Great instructable too, keep up the good work.
yk1913 years ago
However, thanks for the instructable it looks cool.
hmm... I would definitely do this if i was legal to actually carry cigarettes. i like it. :)
Where is it illegal to carry cigars? :o Anyway, what about a pack of gum? A pack of gum with a faux bottom where you can hide a few bills and coins. And you can still use the box to save gum :3
 I think she means shes under aged lol
Oh... *facepalm, followed by facedesk*.
abf2205 years ago
its a great idea but suckes for minors we cant get a pack to make the safe out of

 i saw a video ages ago on metacafe that showed you how to make a can of coke where the top screws off, you might like that one a little more being under aged...
Gloomy_Goth5 years ago
The difference between "police" and "thief" is divided by a very fine line. If you are taking something from somebodies home without the OWNERS' permission it is still wrong and unethical, no mater what reason or warrant. But the cops and being unethical and using cloak and dagger to get what they like is nothing new, it is their bread and butter.
I think that you have been watching too many cop shows...
Unfortunately, he's right. Most cops nowadays are just thugs with badges.
DeaH5 years ago
This is really a great idea. If I were to make any modification, I would add the top of a lighter to the rows of filters. This would help answer two questions I might have about the safe: First, why would a pack of smokes be open with no cigarettes missing? And, second, why is the pack heavier than a normal pack of cigarettes. The lighter would take up places where the "smoked" cigarettes are missing, and it would add weight.
To bad if you had this in your pocket and had to deal with a seach the cop would open it up and throw the open pack on the hood of his car. I know from experience that you cant hide stuff in your cigs. Just ask my friend who I was driving that had some "stuff" when we got pulled over for DUI.
mcwillie5 years ago
nice ible when one of my relatives died and my family was clearing out her house they found thousands of dollars in old cigarette boxes too bad theyd already thrown away hundreds
lanzadora (author)  mcwillie5 years ago
aua ................ promise not to put thousands !!! dont have them anyway ;-)
agis685 years ago
Very clever but here in Greece some junkies broke the car for a cigarete....:(
lanzadora (author)  agis685 years ago
Uhh.. smokins' bayd....
NightFire5 years ago
My car was broken in to a couple of months ago. The only thing they took was my wife's cigarettes.
When I got burgled, the first thing I noticed was missing were my cigarettes. Ruined the rest of my week.
topherishel5 years ago
it sounds like a great idea, but like every else is saying thieves would most probably smoke and take em away also, and cops search cig packs also, and they will take em away if you they lock you up, no smoking inside the cell, well thats here in mexico and im not thinking like an officer been caught myself. not to proud but haha i can laugh about it now, great job anyway lanzadora would probably make one for a concert when you are trying to sneak in the goods
Hollow out the most boring book you can find.
This would work great if the theif wasn't a smoker...
pocketsnzl5 years ago
or you can use an old empty deodorant can with the twisty style cap(the new lynx cans)cut it near there and make alignment shaft so it fits together...P.S i have so many hidden safes from my brothers and sisters so they have to earn theyre own money... Ha LOLOLOLOLOLOL
pocketsnzl5 years ago
i used an old bb gun magazine no one goes near it cos its broken... or so they think
(removed by author or community request)
I agree i got pulled over and the cop search my jeep, i guess trying to find drugs and he took every cig out of the pack, everything out of the console and didnt put any thing back just left it on the floorboard for me to pick up. Then wrote my ticket and sent me on my way. what a d*ck!
Same here in Germany, if they search you, they also search your cigarette packs. They usually take out the cigarettes to see if there are drugs or something else hidden. And i think every robber and thief who smokes will steal that pack too. But still, the idea is pretty nice, and it is nicely done. 4 Stars for the Ible itself, but -1 for the security
lanzadora (author)  wupme5 years ago
und ich rauch meine stickies in jeder disco , türsteher machen das paket nicht kaputt .................. grins
Deutschland! Ha! Sorry I can read it but not write it:)
tom123il5 years ago
At the cost of smokes now...that would be the first thing taken :)
yeah, fully,I was just going to say in Australia, if you go robbed, your ciggys would be one of the first things to be taken, probably second, after your cash, or third, if you are driving a car...
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