This tutorial is to put your american emblem car in a european car, if you see the emblems are diferent in america, that europe, i don't what to make holes in my bumper because, if some day i can put an european emblem in my car then it will se horrible the 4 holes. this tutorial tell you how to put the emblem but whit 2 holes that an european match will ocult.

I will during mutch time to whrite this tutorial in english, plus it will have wrong words, so, i prefer to whrie it in my idiom, but i'm shure you can understand the steps with the pictures.
hope you like it and be usefull for you.

No les ha pasado que compran un auto europeo y que al querer ponerle la placa se dan cuenta de que el espacio para la misma es de tamanio europeo y no quieren romper su defensa?

si es asi, pues esta es la mejor forma de colocar su placa.

Aunque finalmente terminaremos atornillando la placa, envez de hacerle 4 hoyos (de la placa americana) solo le haremos 2 (como la placa europea), en mi caso la defenza ya tenia marcados los puntos donde habia que agujerar la placa, dichos puntos son para la placa europea.

Aqui en mexico se puede conseguir ese estilo de placas pagando un poco de dinero mas por ellas, pero es a riesgo, si quiere, un transito te puede parar y multar, como a mi me gusta mas que la placa valla con el disenio del automovil pues me gustaria mejor tener mis placas europeas, pero no me quiero arriesgar, aun asi tengo la esperanza de qu algun dia transito desida aceptar ese tipo de placas tambien, si es el caso ya no tendre que preocuparme por mandar arreglarle los 4 hoyos que hize para poner la americana y volver a hacer mas hoyos para las placas europeas.

espero que les guste y les sea de utilidad mi tutorial.

Step 1: Materiales / Materials

You should know what it is whith the pictures, but i will give you a short tip.

1. Car (european Design)
2. Emblem (american design)
3. Base for the emblem (plastic)
4. Acsesories for emblem (of your choice)
5. Screws (2 with tip 3/4in, 4 no tip with nut 3/4in)
6. Screwdriver ( + and - )
7. Hot Metal (to melt the plastic)
8. Maskin Tape (to protect the car paint)
9. Others (to improve)

para comprender mejor los materiales que vamos a usar hize la siguiente tabla:

Automovil.............*..1..*...?...*......disenio europeo
Placa.................*..1..*...?...*.....disenio americano
Base Para placa.......*..2..*..$60..*.......de plastico
Acsesorios p/placa....*..3..*..$100.*....opcionales al gusto
Tornillos.............*..4..*..$5...*....2 busca rosca(3/4in)
........................................4 chatos c/tuerca(3/4in)
Cautin/Fierro Caliente*..4..*...?...*...p/modificar la base
Maskin Tape...........*..4..*..$5...*..protector de pintura
otros.................*.N/D.*...?...*....No Disponible (N/D)
(los precios estan en pesos)

Una breve explicasion de lo que vamos a hacer

la defenza del auto tiene marcados dos puntos centrados para colocar la placa europea, la base que emos elegido tiene dos espacios horizontales donde vamos a poner los torrnillos que sujetaran la base a la defenza, y en la base atornillaremos la placa y sus acsesorios.


Yo tambi&Atilde;&copy;n hablo castellano, y me cuesta bastante lidiar con esos traductores autom&Atilde;&#161;ticos (benditos sean), pero me da la impresi&Atilde;&sup3;n que por cortes&Atilde;&shy;a, si los due&Atilde;&plusmn;os de Instructables se manejan en ingl&Atilde;&copy;s, uno debe adecuarse a ellos, no ellos a nosotros. A m&Atilde;&shy; me disgustan los inmigrantes que luego de 40 a&Atilde;&plusmn;os de estar en Argentina siguen hablando en italiano. Es una cuesti&Atilde;&sup3;n de respeto a la mayor&Atilde;&shy;a.<br/><br/>No lo tomes a mal, es una opini&Atilde;&sup3;n v&Atilde;&#161;lida como cualquiera.<br/><br/>Por otro lado, buena colaboraci&Atilde;&sup3;n.<br/><br/><hr/>Traducci&Atilde;&sup3;n v&Atilde;&shy;a EPALS, corregida:<br/><br/>I also speak Castilian, and I find difficult enough to fight with those machine translators (saints are), but I have the impression that for courtesy, if the owners of Instructables are managed in English, I must adapt to them, not them to me. They displease me the immigrants that after 40 years of being in Argentina continue speaking in Italian. It is a question of respect to most. <br/><br/>Don't take it to bad, it is a valid opinion as anyone. <br/><br/>On the other hand, good collaboration.<br/>
yeah, you rigth about the respect... i alredy edited the tutorial, to make it more understandable in english. sometimes the people are too bat to learn a lenguage or they just like they lenguage jeje XD, loock for the good thing, you can have italian friends, and they can teach you italian!! i like italian lenguage jeje!!!
I learned something of Italian (enough like to be 3 weeks in Italy without language problems) reading retail books with a dictionary to the side. <br/><br/>I believe that <strong>in general</strong> it is question of intending it. <br/><br/>I congratulate you to have translated the instuctable. <br/>
:D that's good!!! the next semester, maybe i will take italian lessions in my school!!! jeje i know, but my point is, that not alwas cns someone talk in the contry lenguage that they are. tanks!! i tell you tanks for the opinion that make me do the translate!! PD. what mean intending it in spanish :S
Great Job and great translation!<br/><br/>Only correction... &quot;American Symbol&quot; should be &quot;American License Plate&quot; even though they represent a &quot;registration&quot; and not a &quot;license.&quot; It doesn't even translate in <strong>our</strong> language.<br/>
jeje tanks! i do my best to translate.. i will correct the word you told me, i used match fist, the i change it to emblem, that's because i didn't know the exactly word. tanks for the correction i apreciate that. the corections are welcome jeje that's another way to learn ;)
hola, oye, buen proyecto, lo unico es que es que la mayoria de los usuarios de este sitio hablan ingles, aunque muchos, como nosotros hablamos mas que una lengua.<br/><br/>Rimar2000, algo que que dijiste tenia un mensage para todos &quot;si los due&Atilde;ƒ&Acirc;&plusmn;os de Instructables se manejan en ingl&Atilde;ƒ&Acirc;&copy;s, uno debe adecuarse a ellos, no ellos a nosotros&quot;. yo creo que si deberiamos poder expresarnos en nuestros propios idiomas, tambien hacerlos accesibles para los que hablan ingles. (con unas buenas traductiones).<br/><br/><hr/><br/>hey, good project, the only thing is that the majority of the users of this site speak english, although many, like (us) speak more than one language.<br/><br/>Rimar2000, you said something that has a message that we can all take in &quot; if the owners of Instructables run (drive) the site in english, one should adapt to that, no make them change to fit us&quot;. I beleive that we should not feel like we should not express ourselves in our own languages, but just make them avalible for for everyone who does not speak that language, so put it in inglish. (with some good translations).<br/>
jeje si lo se, por eso puse tambien una explicaci&Atilde;&sup3;n breve alprincipio de cada paso en ingles y trat&Atilde;&copy; de traducir y darme a entender lo mejor que pude, no manejo 100% en ingles pero hago lo mejor que puedo, el instructibo es bilingue, solo con un poco mas de explicaci&Atilde;&sup3;n en espa&Atilde;&plusmn;ol.<br/><br/><hr/><br/>jeje yes i know, thats why i put an litle explication in english on each step, trying to explain the steps the best that i can do, i didn't know the english at 100% but i do my best, the instructable is beleguage but is alitle more explanable in spanish<br/>
jeje this is my first instructable jeje!!! :D
Could you at least tell us what the instructable is for in english?
I'm not 100% sure, but I think it's for using American plates on a foreign car. Many countries have wider/ shorter plates...
and doing it cheap.
I alredy edited the tutorial, check it out againg. sorry for the inconveniense

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