Step 1: Make These

Step 2: Put It Together

Step 3: Mag

&nbsp;how to make mag?<br /> <br />
&nbsp;what did you cut them with?<br /> <br />
ummmm the center???
mags removable????
What makes this one different than the old one?
it has a better mag(12rounds instead of 6 at about the same size), better barrel, better trigger(more efficent(sp) more comfortable handle, and mor solid
Ooo. It looks the same. I thought that ut was the same thing, just new pictures and a new 'ible. It's good to know that it's different than the old one. And BTW, it's spelled "efficient".
this just looks like you reposted your SMG.
Look closer.....
The only thing I can see is that at the end of the mag, It has a white connector instead of yellow. And the top row of orange connectors is connected to the body with a blue rod instead of white. It doesn't look very different other than that.
There are quite a few small differences....

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