Step 2: Draw on Wood

transfer the drawing to the wood. There are several techniques on instructables for doing this. I used the following method:

Print your design out in mirrored form. Trace over the lines heavily with pencil.

Turn the drawing over and tape it into place on the wood surface.

On the back of your drawing, scribble heavily with pencil or burnishing tool. This will transfer the pencil lines of the drawing to the wood surface.

Remove the paper and trace over your drawing using pencil in any spots that did not transfer well.

Some other instructables that discuss different ways of transferring images to other surfaces:
<p>Thank you so much for this neat Instructable.</p><p>Rima. </p>
Nice idea. Let's take it to the next level. Design using Corel or illustrator or whatever. Using a laser cutter, set the power high enough to cut a deep enough line and then proceed with your staining process. <br>Another suggestion--I've started using fiber reactive dyes (tie-dye dye) in place of wood stain or aniline dyes. After all, what is wood? Cellulose. What are cotton t-shirts made of? Cellulose. Fiber dyes are Way Way cheaper than aniline dye designed for wood, and are available is almost unlimited colors.
<p>lets leave it as it is, not subject a person to buying huge expensive toys to make simple things. If you were mass producing then this is an excellent idea, but for a person doing art or a one time thing and this is perfect. </p><p>While it is very cool to do projects using laser cutters and 3 d printers, they are not cheap, and there is a learning curve. </p><p>This instructable is great, as is.</p>
Sounds interesting and high tech. Probably out of reach of most people including me. Thanks for the tip on the fiber dyes!
wow! i have to do this! <br>i havnt used my old soldering iron in months!! <br>never occurred to me to use it for wood etching
absolutely amazing. I've been painting for years, but never thought of this. Time to start digging through the scrap wood pile again!
I like it. Looks good.
thank you Harvard82!
Also helps if you're a really good artist. Great project.
I wish it that it could be for sale (and that the price was one i can afford) it's fun and whimsical to look at
That is VERY kind of you, and thank you, but please don't even think of it. I will enjoy looking at it right here on Instructables. It is so very cool. You are indeed a genious. (Besides, the only money you would get from me these days is monopoley money) :0(
I just now noticed this comment, sorry. I'm not exactly up for selling it, but I could mail you a color reproduction that you could frame if you wanted. Or if you have a color inkjet printer, you could print it out and frame it (or just tape it to the wall, if you're like me)
That is cool, yet very easy to learn process. Great job !
Thank you very much!
Your craftsmanship is incredible considering the sheer amount of improvisation you utilized.&nbsp; <br />
thank you!&nbsp; garsh!
That is really really cool ! Nice job!
thank you!
Wow that looks great! It's so bright and colourful. Nicely done!
hee hee thank you!

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