Introduction: Poor Man's Straplock

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this is a straplock if you try to use your guitar like a hola-hoop it wont work but it holds it for a normal playing

Step 1: Trace

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this is simple just trace a coin an then trace the botom (smaller part)  of your strap button

Step 2: Cut

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just cut the shapes i used scisors on the outside an a exacto knife on the center and make sure it fits

Step 3: Asamble

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assamble averithink first the "lock" then your strap, then your little black thing (i dont know what its called)


starkjamesjr (author)2013-05-01

Have you tried using the plastic piece from a roofing nail?

jrg3ni0us (author)2011-03-25

What was the coin you used as a template?

guitarfan (author)jrg3ni0us2011-06-13

a quarter

Ranie-K (author)2011-02-06

Can't you use a washer?

guitarfan (author)Ranie-K2011-02-06

yes but i dont have 1 and i cant find the right size so..

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