Introduction: "pop-its" From Home Materials

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I say "pop-its" because they are not exactly the same as the small fireworks you throw at the ground to make them pop. They are a little bit louder and cant be thrown(obviously you could throw them but they wouldnt make the desired "pop" noise) you have to hit them with something hard such as a hammer or a rock. I hope you enjoy this very simple instructible and be safe:) im hoping to post some more pyrotechnic projects after I order some aluminum powder.

Step 1: Materials

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•10 strike anywhere matches • scotch tape • scissors • hammer (or a banana if you prefer)

Step 2: Making Them

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1.Cut the tips off of all ten matches, you do NOT need to seperate the match tip from the match stick just cut off the end of the match. 2.Place the match tips on the sticky side of a piece of tape as close together as you can, then fold it over itself. Wrap tape in the oppisite direction to close off the ends. Wrap tape tightly alternating directions every other piece of tape about four times.

Step 3: Pop 'em

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now just hit it with a hammer when no one is paying attention. Thatll make em jump! If you used enough tape it should be VERY loud. I know most of you have probably thought of this or made it but i wanted to share this easy project anyways. Be safe, have fun, and comment any questions or suggestions!:) lol i hope the ugly cat picture inspired u


Shockers to the Max (author)2015-06-16

it's time for Fourth of July

fancypants23 (author)2014-09-17

idk if anyone reads comments, but if you use duct tape and also tape across corners with duct tape then use clear tape, it can sound louder than a 22 gunshot if you use enough duct tape

fancypants23 (author)2014-09-09

ill try that, thanks for the idea:)

mdhteach (author)2014-09-08

Cool... maybe you could put one on the end of a modified "Minion Lawn Dart" from a previous Instructable... search... maybe hitting a hard surface with enough force could ignite it...

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