Picture of pop up flower card

Every one of us like to make crafts especially girls. if there is a birthday of our friend we used to buy greeting cards from shops. Instead of buying greetings from the shops by useless spending of money we can make greeting cards by ourself within less time and sure it is a money saver.Now,In this instructable I'm gonna teach you how to make a pop up flower card.

Things for making pop up card

A chart

Colour paper


Glue stick

Glue (adhesive)


Stickers for decorating

you can also follow the steps in youtube

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Step 1: Making petals ...

Picture of Making petals ...

Now let us Now start with our mission for making popup card

Our first step is to create the pop up card ,to do this … first you have to take a normal sheet or an A4 sheet and stick color paper to it(you can use glue stick so that it will not make paper to look clumsy) .After sticking it divide it into seven pieces( each one behave like a petal of a flower)which we are gonna do it in the following steps.

Step 2: Making petals ... (continued)

Picture of Making petals ... (continued)

Take one of those divided sheet and fold it half ... You can follow the steps by pictures given in sequential order.

Then you have to further fold it half and fold it as triangle.Cut whatever shape you want for the flower ... Be careful you have to cut it in the way that the center of the paper is inwards... Then, In the similar way, you have to make all seven flowers of the pop up card.

Step 3: Critical step!

Picture of Critical step!

This is the confusing step but if you follow the steps correctly you will get awesome pop up card!

first of all you take one of those flower that we got from previous step.Then carefully cut only one petal 1st picture shows it then cut one petal from all the seven flowers ... Take those flowers and you have to stick one petal by other in each flower.

Very pretty - I like the glitter letters :D

Thank you :)