Popsicle Ninja Star





Introduction: Popsicle Ninja Star

make a ninja star out of Popsicle stix.

Step 1: Top

put the popsicle stix on the other

Step 2: Rubber Band

i like to rubber band them with one you can do it with one or glue just do it a lot of times

Step 3: Throw It

throw it between your index finger and middle finger
*works best going with the wind



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    I tried it and i think it works better if you a) sharpen the tips, b) use wood glue and it looks cooler if you color each stick a different color, my favorite are black and red

    cman23 that is really a good thing done i liked it a lot it works great just (if u know)can u instruct a kunai out of popsicles

    Cmonn at least sharpen the tip :)

    lol i remember in 5th grade some kid made one with popsicles, string and glue, then sharpened the danm thing!! lol poked sumones eye out

    wow now thats funny

    That is so stupid. Heh. The words Flying Knives of Doom come to mind.

    Ohhhh, fun. I want to make one and kill somebody!

    This isn't the BEST but it isn't the Worst you did a good job, :) add a bit more detail next time. good job too!