this is a dart that can go about a inch into cardboard. it can also go is an couple of milimeters into a solid rol of duct tape. i asume it can go through skin. therfor i'm not responsible for what you do with it!

Step 1: Gather Materials

these are the things you need. A knife is also optonal
why don't u just staple it instead of hammerring a nail, pulling it out, then putting in a paperclip
because my stapler wouldn't go throught tht posicle stick.
is your stapler a 50cent stapler?
couldn't you just have said "how to make shanks" and or "shivs" etc...?
kool, dangerous, therefore i will not, NOT make it and kill sum1
yeah right<br/>um...... i wont either &lt;(<sup>.</sup>)&gt;<br/>
you could just go outside and rub it against ur patio after 5 minutes irt gets really sharp.
why not just make the dart out of a regular popsicle stick
In your intro picture, the paper (which, from other pictures, I assume to be a church bulletin) shows "GRACE Brethren Church." Am I the only one that sees the irony in a dart that could probably be used (easily) as a weapon being made (and the info passed on) by a person who (based on the materials it's made from) might possibly be a member/active participant in a historic peace church? Just thought it was a bit ironic, that's all.
i ake a paper dart and put a needle through it. works very well. your dart seems hard.
hehe... I won't <em>kill</em> <strong>ANYONE</strong>...hehe...<br/>

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