Update:  NEVERMIND - this idea did not work out.  I will have to rethink it and try again some day

Here is a design for an inexpensive and easy to make portable solar water distiller.

It works by allowing evaporated water to collect in a reservoir created by the space between two concentric plastic bottles.

The reservoir is another plastic bottle covered in a black colored fabric to make it hotter than the surrounding structure.

The collector is kept at a lower temperature using evaporative cooling.

The temperature differential created by the evaporated cooling should allow the condensation process to happen a little faster than it would without it.

Step 1: Materials

You will need three plastic bottles.  Two that have roughly the same diameter around the widest part.  One of those should have a tapering neck, much like a wine bottle.  I couldn't find plastic wine bottles, though I have heard that they are being introduced in Europe.  So I went with the arrowhead sparkling water bottle shown.   The third plastic bottle should have a smaller diameter around the widest part.

a hot knife for cutting plastic
a vapour mask to avoid fumes
one or more white socks
one or more black socks
some tape

It took me a bit to understand how the two went together. Let me suggest at least one more pic of the completed assembly showing the 'top' and 'bottom' without the socks.
This idea didn't really work, I should probably just delete it or at least update it to say as much.
Good idea. Maybe just update it thought, in case someone else can improve on the design. I've done a few 'ibles that kinda didn't work but I kept them to show where mistakes happened.
You might try to enter this in the Water Challenge. <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Summer-Water-Challenge/
oh okay, thanks!
It seems feasible, good idea.
Thank you. I'm waiting to see how well it performs. Already I am considering a way to redesign it. Thanks again for the feedback.

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