Picture of portable tape
This instructable is for people who can't leave home without duct tape and are tired of the bulk.
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Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials
You will need; a junk credit card (or similar sized piece of plastic), duct tape, a permanent marker, a ruler, scissors, a place to hold tape (pocket will do but altoids taste better) and a brain.

Step 2: Mark card

Picture of mark card
use the sharpie to mark the card. First mark the card so that it will be able to fit into its destination. then mark a one cm strip on each side of the card. Next mark the centre of the card and mark to 1.5 cm strips above and belove the centre point horizonatly.

Step 3: Chop Chop Chop

Picture of Chop Chop Chop
Insert your index finger into lower hole of cutting tool, insert thumb into upper hole of cutting tool. By slighty opening and closing your fingers a cutting action can be achieved. Use this action to cut along the lines from step 2.

Step 4: Wrap up

Picture of Wrap up
Take the roll of tape and unroll a long section place the midsection of the card on and roller up. Repeat as necessary.

Step 5: You're Done

Picture of You're Done
Put the tape into the container and always be prepared. You could add this to an altoids wallet or any other of the millions of altoids projects on this site.
jleonhard3 years ago
This may sound too easy and even trivial, but why not JUST use the duct tape on it's self (flatten a piece on itself), that way it won't be any bulkier, you can use every piece of it, it can be made to size for the job or the weight you want.... Sounds so good I want to give it a go.

Just seems like you can make it more portable by not adding unnecessary bulk. my2cents
barkode335 years ago
Just to be a pain...an extra idea using some card or something that can be cut but is quite think i would make the side a little thicker and therefore stronger... (Y)
Codester937 years ago
Can someone lend me there brain, I dont have all the supplies I need...
Don't worry, You can buy one at the dollar store! That's what my friend did!
Yay for the dollar store! :) This is getting alittle of topic, plz don't respond to my comment any more :)
This comment right here?
im responding hahahahahahahahahahaha
where do u live ill give u mine...lol
macdadyabc7 years ago
yah, this one camping article said wrap it around a cut to size pen tube, and then put it in a film canister, or just keep wrapping it. good instructable though
that sounds like a better idea. but both are equally good.
yeh it works good, and my lil sis is talking in her sleep lol random
Derin7 years ago
maybe you could make a wheel to wrap duct tapeand a hole on the side as exit then when you need it pull and use the sharp edge to cut
Sheamus7 years ago
not bad but i still like the instructable on flattening the duct tape better found them both because when i'm bored, i search "duct tape" on here lol
Codester937 years ago
Very nice instrucable. Useful and easy
bruno130697 years ago
My town's video store gave me 2 cards when I signed up. They are both in my wallet, but one's a 'flat pack'!
zsfrack7 years ago
Great instrutable, you can also add electric tape(if you need) and paint the card so is more "cool"
adidame7 years ago
Pfft, no one uses film anymore; I use my Nalgene bottle.
mrmath7 years ago
Your->Something belonging to you You're->You are done Pet Peeve. Have to put it in there.
I know. It happens so often that you would think it would stop. Maybe I should just stop.
Eddbot7 years ago
nice idea, that's pretty cool
Ramnosity7 years ago
Tis really cool
Ward_Nox7 years ago
my late grandfather would have loved this
very creative i think ill try this next time i go camping i always wrapped it around a pen tube and cut it to size
hey, iv been doing this exact same thing for years :-) but just i dont put it in an altoids can lol
tiuk7 years ago
Very nice. My dad hikes/camps/kayaks a lot, and he usually just winds some tape around an old film canister. This is a bit less bulky though.