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ok, i was bored and i thought,"why not find more portal papercraft?"after i saw the cake. so, here they are! the cake, turret, GLaDOS, and the cube! unfortunately, printer haz no ink and camera needs batteries. :P. files are all on this page for easy access. oh, and /po/ is the papercraft and origami section of 4chan. so dont ask about it.

Step 1: Cube

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pretty easy. make the cube, put the pieces on the sides.

Step 2: Cake

2 choices for cherries on this one. if you like a challenge, do the complex cherries. if not, do simple. the cherries go in an evenly spaced ring around the candle if you need help or if your a n00b.

Step 3: Turret

the second most complex one. only with guns out. does not talk to you(yay!).

Step 4: GLaDOS

most complex one. can hang from hook or under desk or on ceiling. will take a while. dont get angry. its 5 pages long, trust me , itll take some time to make.


RMConstruction (author)2008-12-29

It looks great :D


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