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this is a work in progress, but it works as a somewhat faster reloading potato cannon as of now. the goal is to make it pump action or soon semi automatic. im putting up this early version so others can give input and advice or start their own.

it is made from a simple combustion potato cannon
modifications- * indicates that the modifications are finished and included
valve for aerosol input*
valve for air renewal
slide on barrel*
handle w/ ingnitor

currently the "rifle" fires a potato but when next potato is loaded and ready to fire there is not enough oxygen in the combustion chamber for the aerosol to ignite, or the barbecue lighter im using as a trigger to light. i plan to add a fan and another valve to the back to push fresh air into the combustion chamber


imthatguy1125 (author)2009-08-22

Do you have a fan if not a fan in the chamber should help. I suggest a computer fan

 yeah, that helped alot.
i have a new design,  with a better bolt action.
no matter what i do i cant get enough fresh air for rapid fire.

ThePyroManiac (author)2009-09-05

Creating a slide on barrel is a huge task. It compromises a lot of integrity. I've drafted a lot of spud guns for others to build, and from experience, I've learned that slide on barrels (except used with union joint) do not work very well. They most often leak and that itself is dangerous. If you'd like to go semi-automatic or pump-action, you might want to consider using a second short section of pipe over your first fixed barrel that covers a small hole for your projectile. Since the direction of air is going to a different direction, it will not blow the second barrel away but it may still leak. Design it such that you have a little more than half of your fixed barrel cut away in diameter, and in length about a half inch less of your projectile size. You may also like to consider having the bottle of hairspray/deodorant attached to your gun so that it somehow dispenses itself when you press somewhere, preferably when you pull back on your pump. I will look into sending you one of my drafts if it will help you a great deal. I have a particular pump-action design that works adequately. It has proven itself to be adequate despite it's big potential for leaks. Keep in touch, I guess.

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