Power Pistol





Introduction: Power Pistol

hi this is the most powerful gun I have made yet

it has removable mag true trigger comfortable handle

ill get a video to show the power soon

piece list


green 86
white 36
blue 18
yellow 1
gray or black 1


1 slot 6
2 slot 3
orange 14
red 19
green 4
yellow 43
white 12


y clips 6
blue clips 2
ball joint ball 4
2 broken white rods
1 of the cut of ends of the white rod

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Step 1: Gather Parts

gather all parts and then we can move on

Step 2: Body

this is the longest step but once its over its okay

Step 3: Trigger and Handle

follow very easy

Step 4: Mag and Other

Step 5: Assembly and Banding the Gun



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is there a substitute to ball joint connectors, new kits dont have them

Some new kits do, like the Moto-bots series, notably turbo.

It's...... Ok. It isn't all that new, or new at all really. Just try to make something with new features dude. That's what people want. Not that you should do stuff just for other people, but that's about the only way to get good ratings, and become a well-known and respected user.

I know I advocate for innovative features, but I dont know why guns need them after some thinking. Killerk's BR isnt new-ish, but you (and I for that matter) love it. It makes me wonder if you guys just judge guns by the rep of the person who built it. I personally think that guns with good performance are good overall.

How does he make a removable magg without the mag rods sticking out

Yes, but KK's BR had a new feature: The rotation mech. I honestly don't judge guns by the person who built it. At least, not consciously. While I do agree with you about the performance part, I'm not sure about this one's performance.
No offense

The concept of a ram hitting the white rod which then hits the ammo was already done in knexsayer.

He didn't say anything about the turret. He said the rotation mech- IE Having a turret that automatically rotates after each shot is fired.

Exactly. Thanks for getting to that quicker than me.