Picture of power rangers morpher prop making made easy
power rangers helmets, morphers and weapons can be quite expensive, so here are some easy tips to help any would be cosplayer or just for halloween.
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Step 1: Making a morpher, marking the card.

Picture of making a morpher, marking the card.
the most basic morphers can be made from cutting out two pieces of card to shape and sticking them together with tape then wrapping with foil tape or tin foil. But the best way if you want something more substantial is mark out on card something similar to the above pic, this is a basic design for a morpher from power rangers.

Step 2: Cut out the design remembering to leace the tabs on

Picture of cut out the design remembering to leace the tabs on
simply use scissors or craft knife

Step 3: Getting the shape and

Picture of getting the shape and
you need cellotape and scrap cardboard for this step. take the piece of card with the tabs and score the tabs gently then fold back and tape into position. you basically end up with a boat shape which you then fill with scrap card

Step 4: Covering

Picture of covering
for this you need either siver foil and bond glue or silver foiled duct tape. wrap the morpher with foil and then smoove out with a towel to ensure that the foil has taken, if using glue allow to dry for a while.

Step 5:

Picture of
first cut a piece of card into a strip slightly longer than the width of the morpher as shown in the picture and then bend the edges along the lined area. tape into a centred postion using the foil tape to blend in at the ends as shown in the second picture.
kylekosan233 years ago
finfan76 years ago
When you hold it in front of you with both hands does lightning fly out from behind you?
litto_kutie6 years ago
how do you get it on to the belt??
craftsmith (author)  litto_kutie6 years ago
sorry dude ive added photos to my instructable.
lemonie6 years ago
Please finish the job off? L