• This was a pet project of mine sense I was 8. then last year I finally got to it. step 1 get the power wheels . make Shure you can fit your legs in it . I had trouble with that so I had to move the seats back . step 2 take the engine out . If you cant get the engine off civilly...... solution hit it with a hammer!!!!!!!! After that maybe putt on a bumper and give it a awesome paint job . If you have questions ask me in the comments.
<p>My little brother would like this :)</p>
<p>cool. sorry it took me so long to reply got sick yesterday </p>
Oh, that sucks :(
<p>hi brenden</p>
<p>Nice first instructable. just so you know wheels is not spelled wheles it is spelled wheels. </p>
<p>thanks dude</p>

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