This is an easy to make, yet powerful handgun.

Step 1: Pieces

You will need...
7 yellow connecters
2 orange connecters
3 white connecters
1 red rod
4 yellow rods
1 blue rod
1 white rod

Step 2: Building the Gun

Here's what to do. Follow the pics.

Step 3: Loading and Shooting

Do what the pics/yellow boxes tell you to do.
waste of time/ knex/ more kb to download....everyone knows that these guns are not even worth building,and there are hundreds here -5/5
-999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999Sorry were having technical diffulcitys becasue this is a peice of s***
this gun is the best
WTF THIS IS Baloni!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanx, jus gets to me that people say my stuff is a waste of time and that arguing on the internet is not, i meen, wats it gonna acoplish?
Stop posting these things. Please.
&nbsp;ican make a piececount for this in 2 seconds<br /> 3yellow rods<br /> 3 white connectors<br /> 7 yellow connectors<br /> 2 orange connectors<br /> 1 red rod<br /> 1 blue rod<br /> 1 white rod<br /> a total of ..............22 pieces&nbsp;<br /> conclusion:STOP MAKING BLOCK TRIGGERS!!<br /> if you look around Ible you will see &nbsp;that they suck so please waste your time on a gun that's worth it.
geez, sorry to all of you who dont like. just dont make if you dont like it. you dont have to be an @$$ hole.
Please don't post these simple guns.
the block trigger deserves to be on a better gun than this
Like what? its a tube and stick, like every other block trigger.
a gun that uses a true trigger but the force is too much on the ram so a block trigger is necessary
block trigger is the same as a true trigger.
bloack trigger can withstand more force, well depending on what type of true trigger
It's the same, isn't it. Both triggers block the barrel, with the same parts, so it can hold equal force.
No. A block trigger CAN withstand more force than most true trigger. That is because a block trigger has no joints between pieces, where as a true trigger usually does.
Both of them technically do have joints, a block trigger's is just turned to the side, and for a true trigger, a mech makes it move down. If made right, true triggers can be just as strong as blocks.
I mean there are no places where there are two pieces connected. A block trigger can withstand more force. I never said they were more powerful, but they can withstand more force.
The way I see it, they can withstand the same amount.
Yeah, i agree, nothing new to be honest.
This is a waste of knex.

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