This is a crossbow that i spent a week working on, it shoots 50feet with just 4 elastics:D its pretty comfy and has a nice true trigger. This crossbow is extremely accurate even from far distances. This is one of my first Knex weapons that i really put time into, comment about what you think;)

very accurate
can have extreme power with more elastics (100feet maybe)
true trigger
medium size

piece consuming

i like it .can you make instruction <br>
i made a light conversion kit with true trigger and if it worked with my bow it would be better
I have a real crossbow 100 pound pull and I can drive a shaft clean through you at 50 yards.
i want that to that's so cool the only chance i would make are the darts make them from wood out of the forrest or so little bit cheaper then making knex pointy cool done a picture what that does to a pig?
i like it!<br />

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