This gun is nice because it is compact, can be built in about 5 minites,and has loads of power. This gun will shoot about 75ft. with 3 rubber bands. You could add more but it would be very hard to draw back.

Step 1: The Body

just follow the pic. READ THE YELLOW BOX!!!

Step 2: The Handle

build what you see.

Step 3: The Ram Rod

Build the ram rod.

Step 4: Putting It All Together

1. Add the handle.
2. Push in the ram rod.
3. shoot something.
and another one bites the list!
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its 4 dums not 5
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75ft?! No way that's true!
i see nothing my pet piranah bit my eyes out could you describe it in braile please
wow a mini killerk knex gun
I don't get what the black piece is at the end
it is a ball socket
List of parts? maybe? A better or more angles/views of the barrell? This looks like a left handed gun, post the inverted version of this gun? Your first instructable?
LEFT HAND MY $*@! If it was left hand the trigger would be on the other side. So there! No offence.
I am greatly offended, I might just go cry in the corner, and be anti social for a week. So there! =&THORN; lol, isn't sarcasm the best?<br/>
Somehow, 75 feet seems very, very inaccurate
Ok. its great for a pocket gun. however everyone hates pocket guns. sorry
Sorry for the (really) late response but have you checked out Louis XIV's Knex powerful semi automatic gun? Pocket semi auto!
Yes, I saw, commented, made...
So you don't hate it then? Everyone hates pocket guns? =D.<br/>
*** !<br/>
This gun is completely useless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
do you have to have 6 on there?
no, its just the handle
its called a spacer, not a donut!! 'munch munch'
It doesn't matter what he calls it as long as we understand what he means.
DUDE. Did you read Jollex's welcome message??? Everyone says clearly: "PLEASE, NO LITTLE 12 PIECE BLOCK TRIGGER GUNS." Stop doing this!!! Sorry.
lol i was the 666 veiwer, and thhis gun sux
yeah you suck and it's a frikin side arm!
you suck
AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, I have been looking for a great rifle gun lately. The only gun that I found was DSMan1's rifle, which, let me tell you, is AWESOME!!!!! <br/><br/><h2>This gun really sucks</h2><h2>I mean, who wants a pocket sized gun</h2><h3>seriously, i think so little of this gun</h3><br/>
SIDE ARM!!!!!!!!
because its 4 when your other guns run out of bullets. look if you people dont like my gun good then save all your typing for positive comments on other guns!!!
I like it
i can make that gun in like 20 seconds without any instructions (who cant?) i sed it before and ill say it again, this gun sux, please remove it, its useless, if the ppl want a good block trigger, they can just make killerk's. i once made a poopy block trigger instructable, i removed it like 2 days l8er tho, so just remove it
ok?????? guess u copied <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/very-powerful-knex-hand-gun./">https://www.instructables.com/id/very-powerful-knex-hand-gun./</a><br/>
75 feet?... No offence but I really doubt that. I can't even get that range with my rifle or any of my pistols. However if you post a video of it shooting 75+ feet, I will take back what I said and tell everyone I know about this gun.
do u have any modifications for the gun??? grt by thw way i added about 5 or 6 bands and it shot through 3 layers of cardboard
mine shot 90 feet so shut the hell up about it it's a great gun
This barrel is basically the same as <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/very-powerful-knex-hand-gun./">https://www.instructables.com/id/very-powerful-knex-hand-gun./</a><br/>
pocket guns are nice, but why build a pocket gun sidearm when you can build a full size slide action pistol that is way more accurate and powerful?
and cello man you need to shut up because apparently if you were connected with the real knex world you would have posted an instructable by now
thi is for all of you people that are saying things about the size of the gun. Its a sidearm thats what i designed it for. its something you whip out when you main weapon breaks or runs out of ammo and you are in the battle field!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And besides if you use 2 rubberbands it will shoot 50++ feet which is good for a pistol.
In the real knex world (which i have no doubts that you know nothing about) those blue "donuts" are called spacers
Please dont post simple guns like these.
Good gun, unfortunately it's just a scaled down version of KillerK's pistol. I'll give you props though, because of all the people that recreate his guns, your the first one to make a smaller version. Happy K'nexing :P
Pretty good....
frigen flaged
lol..... listed

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