Pretty Easy Knex Gun




Introduction: Pretty Easy Knex Gun

ok this is my first instrucable so dont be angry that it is not to good.

This gun is pretty easy to do my little bro could do it

Step 1: The Pieces

refer to the photo for the peices

Step 2: Putting It Together

put it together so it looks like this

Step 3: Fireing

pull back the fireing pin load the gun and FIRE



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    i dont know how to make a true trigger last time i tried it fired backwards and hit me in the head youch.

    Serious man, where's the trigger?? i dont see it... crafted a gun today!(handgunzzlolz no pics)

    Why uh? oh yeh does it shoots hard?

    I dont understand a thing your saying.

    I dont understand myself too...xD random question How set a picture (avatar or somethinn) by yah name?

    Click on you current atavar in to top righthand corner and that sends you to the ataver changer.

    LOL This looks just like the one I made, looks like someone beat me to posting an instructable. I made the handle a little thicker though.

    i am sure it is a powerful gun but could u make it smaller? just for the ppls that dont have heaps of knex pieces.

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    if you don't have that many then you have none.

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