K'nex Iris Diaphragm (test)





Introduction: K'nex Iris Diaphragm (test)

About: well im just a 13 year old and im into knex. I also draw, build, fold, watch, and evaluate a heck of a lot of things on this site, along with other sites such as, youtube, facebook, and roblox. if you look f...

the slideshows labeled "(test)" are my ventures into the realm of the un-documented.

this is an iris diaphragm, y'know, the circle door thingy (fail descs. FTW)



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    Fxckin' AWSOME. Post, so noobs can build it, then try and build a 3D model.

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    by the way, 180th comment

    By the way, thanks for the 2413 comment.

    Hey, it says that you have 271 comments!

    Darn, I was hoping to beat you when you were inactive. :-P

    How many do you have?

    still, that's a lot when compared to me

    jeez that's a LOT of commenting

    i'm talking about the ones i receive, not give, wow taht would mean that i've replied to almost every comment that i've ever gotten...( ()() | /\/\3 1!|<3({"cool, me like"} in leet form. link to the wiki you say? sure here ya go )

    Oh. Naw, its the ones you say which count.

    ah, no wonder, i always thought it was the ones i receive that matter, nowonder, i'm still doing it my way for the board

    i'll post it in about 20 mins.

    i think it is called an iris diaghram(i know, i misspelled diaghram) or is it a shutter diaghram?

    Is it what they use in old cameras as a shutter?

    i think so, not quite the same though, now that i think about it, yeah, that's exactly it