Introduction: Printer Repair

quick and simple printer repair job

Step 1: As You Will See the Printer Feed Tray Is Non Existent

take one printer with broken paper feed tray and one piece of corrigated cardboard

Step 2: Shaping the Card

take the card board after cutting to correct width and bend a couple inches from the bottom

Step 3: Insert Card

take the card board and insert it into the back of the printer and hey presto you have a replacement tray

Step 4:


Danger is my middle name made it! (author)2014-03-27

Thanks for sharing, it's always nice when you can repair what you already have instead of having to buy a new thing!

trevthelegend6 made it! (author)trevthelegend62014-03-31

thanks. i was annoyed with paper folding behind the printer and not feeding right

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