Prison Dice





Introduction: Prison Dice

how to make dice commonly made in prison with just toilet paper, a pen, and some water.

Step 1: Materials

toilet paper
a pen

Step 2: Make the Dice

take on peice of tp, get it wet and shape into a cube. then wrap the rest of the sheets one at a time around the cube made with the first sheet.

Step 3: Drying

let the dice dry until the surface of the dice is not wet and pretty solid.

Step 4: Make the Dots

make each of the dots on their correct side according to the diagram.

Step 5: Play a Game

play a classic game such as craps with a buddy or relative.another great game is liars dice ( my favorite dice game).



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is there a way to make the dice more solid?


hey try putting it in the freezer the hard part is making the dots with a a marker i tried a pen and it wouldn't work can tell me how long it takes to dry?

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i'm not sure the psychics of dice stacking but i could expect not as much bounce power in them compared to regular dice

I'm not sure how many psychics of the world enjoy dice stacking. Perhaps someone should google it.

I found this. It has lots of information on how several different types of stacked dice work, how they are made, etc.

hi just to comment, the numbers on a dice aren't random, the opposite sides should add up to seven.

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Not always, I have a six-sider that's missing a one.

i just made the cubes, so they are drying right now. awesome instructable, 5*

These are awesome i made pair of em but my dog attacked them. i rated 5.0

perfect this is so easy, how long do you think they last?

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i made some about a year ago, and they lasted this long with almost no damage

sweet i made enough for liar's dice

Until the guard takes them. LOL