Introduction: Prktica Fujian Multilens Mash Up, Its a Messy One.

digital interchangable  lens camera, note reversed and recessed lens mount ,troublematic tendancies required adverse solutions.the whole thing went spiraling out of control. if you want specific info answers leave comment i will try to provide.

Step 1: Donor Digital

probably one of the worst cameras on ebay.

Step 2: Middle Lens to Reduce Image Circle

the front element only from an advantex camera helps reduce crop factor

Step 3:

Step 4: Lens Alignment

Step 5: This Camera Was Really Short of Space Where It Was Needed

Step 6: Need More Milling After the Electrice Were Installed

Step 7: Sensor Needs to Be 5-8 Mm Forward . Hmm

Step 8:

Step 9:

i retained the flash i hid it with elecrcical tape above lens , flash goes through fine.

Step 10:

Step 11: I Wanted to Use This Lens Cos Its Fast

however the indestar is better for distance

Step 12: Results

infra red filter was built into the fujica cameras lens

Step 13: Weh Hey

a 39mount zenit lens (theyve got a longer lens to film distance) can just about get infinity when stopped down.
infoto apature display!

Step 14:


thejanis (author)2014-06-14

Hi. I'am working on a same project. I want to cobine FED 3 and Fujifilm ax200. How do I know distance between sensor and lens?

crazyg (author)thejanis2015-04-27

havnt been on here for a while hence the slow reply..

your fed lens m39 mount will have a distance of 28.8mm :-)

killerjackalope (author)2012-09-30

I had plans to exactly this a while ago, I didn't get round to getting a camera to mutilate though...

Interesting take on the plan - reducing the image circle was the main concern I had. It'd have to be damn good, since I'd want to use the camera plenty...

crazyg (author)killerjackalope2012-10-01

would use this one more, but the digital donor has 'character'. still want to make some improvments with buttons and backplate

killerjackalope (author)crazyg2012-10-01

There's a full frame compact out there now, however it's an expensive camera to dismantle for a project...

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