Step 4: Step3: Soldering the Wires.

Solder according to the scheme I made in step one. Or you can think out your own if you want to add more 'programs' or don't need to use one.

Once soldered it's actually a working device, so you can check if it's working. Place it in the sun and connect your phone (or something else if you're afraid to fry your phone).
After soldering and checking make sure the wires won't budge anymore. I went a little too crazy with the hot glue, but at least it's sturdy.
ok i like this very much and have u thought anout using lighter wood or even plastic that looks like wood i like ur project voted for
this instructable is originally an entry in the green contest, but now only the hurricane laser contest is in the header :( <br>thank you very much for your vote!
Thank you very much!<br>I have considered other materials, but I really like working with wood. Only the board where the electronics are glued on is a quite dense wood (from a wine case) the protective box is much thinner and lighter. The box parts came from left overs from making a house model. I try to reuse as much as possible.<br>plastic for the cover could work, but plastics ain't green ;-)
ok but it looks good
i wonder where i can buy solar panel like that
As soon as I posted this a few of my friends wanted that I made one for them, so I'm searching for some panels as well. <br>Just google &quot;buy solar cell&quot; or &quot;buy solar panel&quot; that brought me to this: http://sunboy2011.en.made-in-china.com/product/fbUQBlKHnOck/China-5V230mA-Small-Epoxy-Resin-Mono-Solar-Cell.html <br>but I'm going to the local electronics store to ask their opinion where I could buy solar panels. <br> <br>ps: The panels in this project are actually barely strong enough to charge my phone but they cant charge iPods or smart phones so you might want to take this into account when buying new ones ;)
Very nice project. Thanks for sharing. :-)
No problem at all. ;) <br>If I don't do something productive in vacations I go nuts, so this is really fun to do for me.

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