Picture of project pointless- tiny knex ball machine
knex lift.JPG
so, here is my first  knex ball machine.

this is all i can really do, until i get more peices. 

i dont have any knex balls, so i used golf balls.
parshan7 months ago
It's pretty cool, but I can't see the lift
knexforever (author)  parshan7 months ago

its a tiny wheel lift

gr8nesisme2 years ago
nice and small, like it very nice
hawk452 years ago
cool,I don't have any knex balls ether but i'm looking for a plan so if you could give my something like an dissine so yea
That's the best ball machine ever! =)
knexforever (author)  sandroknexmaster2 years ago
haha. thanks!
Sorunome2 years ago
nice and small, lol
knexforever (author) 2 years ago
oops- i accidentaly posted two different photos of versions one and two. sorry.