Introduction: Prop Cardboard Buterfly-knife

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i will show you how to build a buterflyknife(prop)
you need:siccors or exacto knife,cardboard,a tie twist(tie for garbage bags),a ruler,stapler and staples.

Step 1: Plans

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heres the plans you must build 4 pieces the 2 handles,the blade,and the suports.note:2 lines=1cm.

Step 2: The Handles

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the handle:u must make will be 12.5cm long by 3cm wide.cut a small retangle on the midle of the edge and then fold it in half it will now be 1.5cm wide but 2x is thick.put 1 staple at the lower edge.put a hole in the midle of the uper edge of the repeat this step 1 more time and then you will hae 2 handles.

Step 3: Blade

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the blade: cut a 2cm by 10cm rectangle and make the tip shaped like a blade at the botom of the blade but 2 holes 1 at the 1/4 and the other at the 3/4 of the blade.

Step 4: The Suport

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the suport: cut a 2.5cm by 2cm the midle cut a 1/3 rectangle on each side.pears a hole with a bin at the 1/4 and the 3/4 at the botom and top of the suport.fold it in half it and it will now be 1.25cm long and 2cm wide.

Step 5: Asembly

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u must assemble the pieces like so.u put the hole on top of each other and then insert the tie twist and then thie it in each end.our buterfly-knife is now donne.u can use it in a video,for play,decoration or prank.dont forget u can color it.


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i tried but i made a battle riflr in stead

shadow123456 (author)2011-07-19

frekin awsome !!!!!!! thanks i scared my lil sis

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if u like that type in usi (mac10)

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