Proper instructions on how to boot a new os on your i device

Picture of proper instructions on how to boot a new os on your i device
ok so you have been wanting a new os on your iphone but you dont have a 2g or 3g for bootlace
read on and you will find out how

you will need:
internet connection
the iso file you want to boot from
your jailbroken iphone, ipod, ipad
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Step 1: Get bochs

Picture of get bochs
ok so you need bochs,  at first i used the files from

but that was only bochs 2.1 i wanted the latest one

how i got it:
in cydia i added the insanelyi repo

then i searched for bochs and downloaded bochs for ipad, that is the latest version
its not layed out the same as the one in the picture

bochs for ipad hasnt worked for me yet so use the other bochs (win95 for iphone) in cydia

Step 2: Put in your iso files

Picture of put in your iso files
in bochs 4 you need to put your iso files in
/var/mobile/documents/your iso folder

in bochs 2 its
/var/mobile/library/bochs/your iso folder

Step 3: Configure the os.ini file

Picture of configure the os.ini file
here is the one that worked for me

config_interface: textconfig
display_library: nogui
megs: 128
romimage: file="/Applications/bochs_proj.app/BIOS-bochs-latest", address=0x00000
vgaromimage: file="/Applications/bochs_proj.app/VGABIOS-lgpl-latest"
boot: cdrom
ata0: enabled=1, ioaddr1=0x1f0, ioaddr2=0x3f0, irq=14
ata0-master: type=cdrom,path="/var/mobile/Library/Bochs/your iso folder/your iso", status=inserted, biosdetect=auto,    

the line above is set up for bochs 2

model="Generic 1234"
floppy_bootsig_check: disabled=0
vga_update_interval: 100000
vga: extension=vbe
keyboard_serial_delay: 250
keyboard_paste_delay: 100000
cpu: count=1, ips=50000000
mouse: enabled=1, type=ps2
clock: sync=none, time0=local
log: -
logprefix: %i - %e%d
debugger_log: -
panic: action=report
error: action=report
info: action=report
debug: action=ignore
pass: action=fatal
keyboard_mapping: enabled=0, map=
keyboard_type: mf
user_shortcut: keys=none

Step 4: Have fun

Picture of have fun
choose your os and wait for it to boot