Prostetic Leg Cover




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Introduction: Prostetic Leg Cover

This is a prosthetic leg cover to let the amputee fill much more self confident.
made it for my dad for passover holiday

Step 1:



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    This is really interesting. Can you elaborate a bit on the process of how you made this?

    I'm curious about how you got that smooth finish on it. It turned out looking very nice!

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    Hi seamster, at first i brushed some acyton on it, until it was clean and smooth enough. when working with acyton you need to be carful not putting to much. after the acyton was dry i used sand paper machine ( or a polish machine) and started with a rough sand paper and slowly go to lightest. after finishing sanding it i put on some primer, checking holes and scratches to fix with builder glue (or poliester fine putty there are different brands i used dupont) waiting for it to dry and than another coat of primer. at the end i try to find the right color (polyurethane duo component base color) and painted it with 2 layers. took me about a day to finish.