Make replaceable protector patches for your otherwise scratchable LCD screens. I put these pieces of tape on my IPODs and Casio cameras and they work tremendously.

Step 1: Choose the LCD You Are Going to Protect (in This Case an IPOD Nano)

Step 2: Cut a Piece of Clear Tape to Fit. This Brand of Scotch Tape Is Excellent.

Step 3: Place Over the Screen and Stick Down Carefully Making Sure You Get No Air Bubbles.

Step 4: You Are Done! Simply Replace When This One Gets Dirty / Scratched.

Hokay, good idea in all, but i have an improvement. I lack the digital camera to make an instructable on this so. 1)Materials, Penknife or razor blade or something sharp Packing tape a measuring instrument,eg ruler if ur that dumb. an lcd to protect is a key componant Something to cut on. 2)First step Measure how wide the screen area is and how long it is 3)Second Step: Put enough packing tape on there to make about 4 of your screens, cut the screen size pretty precisely 4)Third Step: Cut another piece of packing tape with an extra centimeter of tape going each way (you can put more but that would be suffcient 5)Fourth Step: take the first piece you cut and put it sticky side to sticky side on the bigger piece. REMEMBER STICKY SIDE TO STICKY SIDE. then apply the shield you have just made to the lcd you wanna protect, put the piece thats the screen size on the screen and put the other sticky on the outside of the screen, therefore creating a residue free screen protector
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I tried an experiment with the new Glad "Press-n-seal" wrap. This stuff is mildly sticky, and removes easily and cleanly. But it's frosty on the roll, and even when pressed down and smoothed on my Palm screen, it made the image look fuzzy. So not worth it, except maybe on an ipod where the text will still be readable even if it's slightly fuzzy. I'd stick with products meant for LCD screens - don't want to screw up a $500 camera trying to save $5 on a screen protector!
Nice post. I'll bet you actually went to skool!
JEEZ, guys. All this over @#$%&amp;* screen protectors!!?? There are plenty of inexpensive and excellent &quot;screen protectors&quot; out there for any size LCD you need to cover. Forget all those silly homemade substitutes. They all suck. Most especially the packaging tape. Puh-leeze! The &quot;ready made&quot; screen protectors (have you folks discovered these new fangled indoor flush toilets yet???), last a long time, even if you are a total cheapskate. <br/>
maybe cut a peice of saran wrap exactly the size of the screen and put a little bigger peice of packaging tape on the wrap. this way if you take it off their will not be any sticky residue
Nice, but a less sticky solution is to cut a clear piece of plastic from a package, and tape a border. Keeps the screen glue-free. Might scratch sooner, but less glue to remove from the lcd screen. With iPods, a skin covers up the tape, and keeps it factory-fresh.
pretty cool...but how can i get it to excactly fit my iopds screen?
Hmm, You think This Would Work On A iPhone, Or iPod touch? I Say Probably Not, But It's Worth A Try, Thanks For The Idea
o ye nad for ppl new to this watch make sure the object you use it on it will be able to come off nice in clean when your done :)
exactly what i do but i use it on phones mostly
I found it extremely easy to remove air bubbles by gently moving them to the side with a credit card. Dont go to hard though becuase this somtimes blemishes the tape.
a little trick to reducing/eliminating airbubbles for this or any adhesive (e.g. decals/stickers/vynl labels) is to wipe the surface with a detergent/water mix, similar to what you would do to clean it. But before the surface dries, lay down your sticker and you'll find it is much easier to work out the the bubbles. Somehow the moisture dries out, very rapidly.
what do you mean by "detergent"? Dish soap?
3M Scotch, as seen on the last pic
What brand is it?
I use the precut business card/id laminating (self-stick)sheets on my XM My-Fi. It does not leave alot of stickiness. Mainly just around the corners. I use a little Goo-Gone & soft Micro-fibre cloth to remove adhesive and clean before putting on a new piece. All can be purchased at Walmart.
Great idea! I will try it on my watches since they always scatch.
Great idea! I will try it on my watches since they always scatch.
I find the best thing to use is the PDA Screen Protectors. You can get them quite cheap at liquidation stores for models that are no longer current. Just cut to size. They have minimal adhesive so they come off easily, and don't leave marks.
you can also just buy a roll of the same kind of stuff that is used to protect tiny lcd screens when they are shipped from the factory, e.g., when you got your cell phone or whatever, there was a piece of plastic covering the screen ... cool thing about that stuff is, it just sticks (not sure exactly why) to any smooth surface, but doesn't actually use any adhesive, so when you peel it off again, there's no residue. i've successfully used it for stuff like this, protecting the screen of my ipod, or even stuff like making a kind of "sticker" out of something you've cut out of the paper, or a cool image from a plastic product label, etc. (hopefully you can see the seam of the plastic stuff in the middle of my created "sticker" in the att'd image)
Yes, please let us know where these can be ordered.
cygnus, can you supply a link to the vendor of the static addhesive covering plastic?
when replacing the tape if it is sticky and all gluey on the surface try rubbing with a little WD40 that should take it off.
Plastic Static Decals.... HammerMill makes it. www.hammermill.com item# 10014-1 - I got it at Staples. Comes in 10 8.5"x11" sheets 5mill thick. They are designed to be printed on
oh cool. thanks.
You can safely remove sticky stuff from the screen with rubbing alcohol on a paper towel or cloth.
The sticky thing can be clear if you are using back the tape and then stick it a couple of times on the LCD screen and then the sticky thing will goes off. If you are using the plastic material it will leave the screen look lousy and not that nice compared to the tape

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