Protection for GoPro Camera Lens


Introduction: Protection for GoPro Camera Lens

The GoPro Hero HD is a wonderful sport camera meant to be used in heavy condition. However the fish eye lens is exposed to scratches, and surprisingly the camera doesn't come with any lens protection for when not in use.

Here is a very simple and cheap protection for the camera.

All you need is a ping-pong ball and a rubber band.

1. Cut in half the ball. It fits then perfectly around the fish eye lens of the waterproof housing, without touching the lens.
2. Drill two small holes, almost at the top of the ball. I used an electric drill with 3mm drill bit, but I think a heated nail should make it, too.
3. Cut the rubber band, pass it through the holes and knot.

The protection is ready.



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    I like your.... but look my instructable!!!

    I'm using a plastic lid from a 1l bottle of vinegar. Some people have caps from pill bottles that work. Just go through the recycle bin and experiment.

    If anyone has any ideas for the 3D case...?

    Hi, would you buy a Gopro camera again.?
    i am going on a trip and wonder if it would be good for video and stills at various tourist places.

    2 replies

    Yes, but Gopro is indeed a sport camera for extreme condition. For normal condition you'd better go for a more usual pocket camera, with back screen, flash, zoom, handle, etc.

    Thanks for your help

    I like your thinking, but feel that a half squash ball would be better - softer, and more robust than a ping pong ball.