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Hello everyone this is the first time i ran my bicycle with the engine i thought to run the bicycle for two rounds but unfortunately the end plate got damaged and flamed out so i was able to run the bicycle for 12 seconds. And really augmenter was very useful for my engine it gave some good amount of power. This was my long term goal atlast i achieved it successfully without any damage to me.

video took by my sister and initially my mom was holding the engine, thanks to them. And also thanks to pulsejet forum members. Next i planned to change the combustion chamber with stainless steel. At the end you could see the picture of the damaged end plate. Forgot to tell the sound was enormous.
here is the video,


kkapil1 (author)2015-09-09

How did you powered the spark plug

ganuganu (author)kkapil12015-09-09

I used electronic circuit for the spark plug.

hzxasdf (author)2014-08-22


Jaycub (author)2012-02-04

Very cool, I'm glad you reached your goal. Mabey you can invent a muffler for pulsejet enjines because that was rediculously loud for a bicycle!

ganuganu (author)Jaycub2012-02-04

thank you jaycub, mufflers reduces the thrust so i planned to attach ceramics to these engines.

Jaycub (author)ganuganu2012-02-04

I was joking about the muffler, do ceramics have a big impact on noise level? Mabey you could wrap it in glass cloth to, that would be easy.

ganuganu (author)Jaycub2012-02-05

many research engineers and NASA people say that introducing ceramics in pulsejets reduces the noise level.

wrapping in a Glass cloth!! the temp developed outside the cc is about 500 to 800deg Celsius and to my surprise the CC end plate was crushed and melted due to high pressure and heat.

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Bio: hello everyone iam steam turbine design engineer. My hobbies are making pulsejet engines,stirling engines,animations.
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