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This is the development of my chinese type valveless engine which you see the original version(without augmenter) in my instructable. The engine without augmenter produces a thrust of 13pounds after augmentation it produces a thrust of 22to 24pounds of thrust. PLEASE REDUCE THE VOLUME BEFORE WATCHING THE VIDEO. Engine has been placed and tested successfully over the bicycle, it pushed so hard. 14.2kg gas tank was used to test.


halo grunt (author)2012-04-10

this is ausome and extremly dangerous, p.s. i have tried the same thing on a piece of wood with a simalar engine only the pipe that i used was 10 pounds without any thing in it so when i was done, i tried it and ended up blowing a 3 foot hole in the ground and it took off half of the mounting bord!!!

ganuganu (author)halo grunt2012-04-11

dont forget to see the bicycle running :D here is the link.

tocsik (author)2012-01-28

Yikes, awesome! What do you plan to use to keep it from burning you leg, or was it just on the bike for testing?

ganuganu (author)tocsik2012-01-28

Iam going to ride my bicycle but not without protection, i have planned to cover it with sheets. I will post the video of me riding the bicycle soon. stay tuned.

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Bio: hello everyone iam steam turbine design engineer. My hobbies are making pulsejet engines,stirling engines,animations.
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