Pulsejet Powered Bicycle





Introduction: Pulsejet Powered Bicycle

About: hello everyone iam steam turbine design engineer. My hobbies are making pulsejet engines,stirling engines,animations.
Edit: In this video my mom sponsored me and she encouraged me for making this project and you all can see her in the video. Iam riding bicycle,sister taking video my mom holding bicycle.
Hello everyone iam an engineering student, so i made this for my final year project. It works great.

This is the first time i ran my bicycle with the engine i thought to run the bicycle for two rounds but unfortunately the end plate got damaged and flamed out so i was able to run the bicycle for 12 seconds. And really augmenter was very useful for my engine it gave some good amount of power. This was my long term goal atlast i achieved it successfully without any damage to me.

This is the development of my chinese type valveless engine which you see the original version(without augmenter) in my instructable. The engine without augmenter produces a thrust of 13pounds after augmentation it produces a thrust of 22to 24pounds of thrust. PLEASE REDUCE THE VOLUME BEFORE WATCHING THE VIDEO. Engine has been placed and tested successfully over the bicycle, it pushed so hard. 14.2kg gas tank was used to test.



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    please i want to do something similar for my project, please contact me boss.... i need ur help ganuganu

    please ganuganu, i want to built a similar engine for my project, i need ur help on it please. my mail is tonienick@yahoo.com . please contact me

    yes, but unfortunately i dont own a bigger yard.

    Just go out on the open road! It's india! you won't be the most dangerous vehicle for sure (;

    you need a bigger bike, haha
    you made a pulsjet you could shourley build a bike to house everything properly

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    yes exactly i need a bigger bike, because u can see the spark plug hits the front tyre of the bicycle.

    Nice to see a fellow indian achieve an engineering success, without any (too) fancy of equippment.

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    Dude, YOU ROCK.. My Dad explained what a pulse jet me when I was 8 and I've always wanted to make one, now I don't feel the need to. Good work.

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    Thank you. Iam happy that my project fulfilled your dream.

    Good work, ganuganu, but, any day you will take my advice to remove the intake pipes?

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    Thank you, ya sure i will try it.

    OK, and remember to make cylindrical the inlet-outlet tube, no conical. I am anxious to see the result.