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This is how to make an air gun which is a single shot (shoots 1 dart) which uses PUMP action, and looks like a shotgun it shoots about twice as far a my blowgun i have made (u can find it on this site) which is about 100m and onwards I used the air to shoot the air gun from a compresser in my shed and that uses stuff all pressure so you can imagen how far it would shoot with an air chamber (currently under construction)
also it has a trigger and sights

Step 1: Materials

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bolt action design (on this site, look in search for BOLT ACTION BLOWGUN) this can be changed into pump action if you want.

curtain rod the same size as the bolt action 2 PVC joiners to connect the curtain rod to the bolt action/pump action and the bolt action to the trigger and a piece of wood for a grip it u want

you need a air sprayer you can buy these from hardware stors cheap ( they connect to hoses and spray air out, used in workshops to clean stuff, air sprayer fittings they usuall come with the sprayer or they might not LOOK AT PIC IF YOU DONT GET IT

Step 2: Putting It Together

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now just put the pieces together

and use a strong glue to bond the PVC joints to connect the bolt action to the curtain rod and to the sprayer


NOTE : u need to seal everything as good as possable so no air leaks out

Step 3: Making

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Step 4: Still Making

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refer to pic

what it should look like but good, this paint drawing sucks


Picture of MORE PICS


HERE the pump actin is closed NOTE THE WHITE PVC THIS IS A JOINER

you can give it a camo job with paint or cloth or whatever


leave messages if you want more infomation or EMAIL ME


assassino desigen (author)2012-06-27

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assassino desigen (author)2012-06-27

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lukeyj15 (author)2010-07-06

i should make a club for lukes...

cobra (author)2009-12-22

 I also am wondering if there would be an airgun in hardware stores i could hook a portable air tank to like a paintball hpa or co2 tank

cobra (author)2009-12-22

is it possible to make better pictures and maybe a tutorial video? I'm very interested in building this gun but these instructions are really confusing me. and also a materials list too, I'm not sure what to get to build it

Colonel88 (author)2009-11-13


B: BEtter pictures

DrdNaught (author)2009-07-02

Can anyone say CO2?? Paintball tank baby!

sharlston (author)2009-04-27

check out my version of this it simmialar

Dirtyboyy (author)2009-04-14

hmm no knex :S

JAKE856 (author)2009-04-12

even though i didnt read it.

JAKE856 (author)2009-04-12

just kidding its awsome

JAKE856 (author)2009-04-12

this is most stupedist thing iv ever herd of

slimrez (author)2008-03-02,the.pellet.

slimrez (author)slimrez2008-03-02

Rishnai (author)slimrez2008-03-31

For the love of.... is your spacebar not working? Anyway, as far as I can tell, you want to know where the compressed air is kept. For the gun as you see it now, it is kept in an external tank like you can buy at the hardware store and connected by a hose to the handle of this gun. As for how to get pressure into that tank, go to the gas station. The bigger your tank (you will have to sacrifice portability), the more shots you can get before having to go back to the gas station.

AnarchistAsian (author)Rishnai2008-07-04

ummmmmmmmmm... two words, BIKE PUMP

Rishnai (author)AnarchistAsian2008-07-04

Haha, yes, I totally forgot. *embarrassing* Or shop air. The cost of buying an air compressor is far offset by the amount of time and effort saved in terms of pumping.<br/><br/>(maybe we ought<br/>

AnarchistAsian (author)Rishnai2008-07-04

huh, maybe theres a virus going around that makes it so you can't use your computers spacebar. maybe an anarchist did it... P.S. my friends dad's hobby is driving and fixing motorcycles, and has an air compressor, and i go to my friends place all the time, plus live in walking distance of a bike shop AND gas station, but how the hell do you carry around a gun thingy in public??? P.S.S. today is my birthday (yes, independance day, don't be jealous... unless you don't live in the states) P.S.S.S - LOL P.S.S.S.S - yes, this is VERY long winded

Rishnai (author)AnarchistAsian2008-07-04

How to carry a gun thingy in public: just carry the tank, leave the gun at home. An alternate way to carry a gun in public is while wearing camo and shouting in some made-up language. You meet a lot of new people that way, most of whom are police. I'd love to write a virus that does snothing but diable spacebars! It's brilliant!

AnarchistAsian (author)Rishnai2008-07-04

let's do a collaboration then lol no, seriously, i have tons of hacker friends

ok, maybe not SO long winded

P.S. i was bored a few days ago, so i mad a pointless instuctable, please view it here (it's my birthday, so just do it)

abadfart (author)slimrez2008-06-17

you can put the air out valve like on a air compressor on a air tank made out of PVC pipe u you wold want to put a something to keep the pressure constant on the gun though

dodgylogic (author)2008-01-12

lol excellent drawing on Paint this is cool!

archerkid (author)2007-09-09

this is awsome. i am so going to make one.

lukeRAMBO (author)2007-06-10

what designs are you talking about?. The darts are identical to the ones used in my blowgun the paper cone flight should fit easily but snug in the pipe, nails work great about 7cm nails up to about 10 cm nails work fine.

chickenliver123 (author)2007-06-10

you can use epoxy as glue to seal it up, sold at most hardware stores, but one question, WHAT SIZE OF DARTS AND WHAT KIND DARTS Do they run on? thanks

chickenliver123 (author)2007-06-10

hi luke, are you going to put the designs up yet? ive been waiting fir quite a while now

yamon3 (author)2007-05-22

ya im a newbie at this stuff so.... i need help, how does the reloading thing work? also where can i get the air thing at the end of the gun?

lukeRAMBO (author)2007-05-06

thats my awesome drawing of camo

talleu (author)2007-05-05

whats with the green stuff

ididntdoit52 (author)2007-03-05

if you used one of the really small air compressors you could make a backpack and maybe make it somewhat portable.

Fake_Name (author)2006-10-24

Does it automatically reload when you pump it? If "Pumping" it only opens the breech, thant it's just a breech loading gun with an unusual bolt.

lukeRAMBO (author)Fake_Name2006-10-26

it is only breech loading but if you have any ideas for attaching a magazine EMAIL ME but im working on one now

Vertigo666 (author)lukeRAMBO2007-01-20

if you cut a hole right under the breech hole, and put a box w/ a spring, that would reload the gun as you work the action i wish i could show you w/pictures....

Madass2 (author)2007-01-13

That could do ALOT of Damage that is why i wanna make one xD

Vertigo666 (author)2007-01-04

oh bolt action?

FROOZ (author)2006-11-06

DUDE OMFG I AM MAKING ONE OF THESE!!!!!!!! making a magazine wul be easy just attacth a water bottle with some connection and hav it attached to the breach so when u open it one falls down inso the barrel

TheCheese9921 (author)2006-10-24

OMFG we can do some real damage now all you need to do is atach a paitball CO2 tank and KABLAM even smaller potatoe/dart gun

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