Pump-action Knex Gun





Introduction: Pump-action Knex Gun

This is a pretty basic knex gun with a new magazine. It has ok power - I got it to shoot 30 feet with one rubberband. This is my first instructable, so please go easy. Enjoy!

Step 1: The Body

This is the body of the gun. That's 28 spacers in the middle there.

Step 2: The Pump/ramrod

This is the ramrod and pump of the gun. Make sure that the yellow rod slides freely on the orange connector.

Step 3: The Magazine

This is the magazine of the gun. Yes, you have to decapitate two white rods to make it.

Step 4: The Handle

This is the handle of the gun

1. Make these
2. Make these
3. Connect
4. Connect
5. Zoom-in
6. Connect
7. Finished!

Step 5: Putting It All Together!!!

Now it is time to put the gun together!

1. Put the ram on the body
2. Put the handle and six spacers on the body
3. Close-up
4. Add magazine
5. Finish mag
6. Close-up

Step 6: Loading and Firing

Load four blue rods into the magazine of the gun. Pump the gun, pulling back the ram and pop the block into place. Pull the trigger at the side of the gun to fire! Look at pics for rubberband placement, though you could pretty much put the rubberbands anywhere.



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    is it agood one

    A little word of advice, don't ask for people to be nice because it's your first instructable. It's not considered to be a valid reason for bad things ( Not saying this is bad! ) The instructions and pictures are both clear, and it's not a stupid Killerk copy. The gun itself is not bad, but pump actions with trigger are better in my opinion. Certainly not bad for your first instructable. Wish I had a decent camera ;)

    18 replies

    no offence or anything but i think it has a trigger idk

    Not exactly a true trigger, it's the kind on the side of the gun that you push with your thumb.

    Yeah, pretty much. But we'll call it an "advanced" block trigger, LoL.

    no no no, I know what an advanced block trigger is, it is much better and stronger

    .....Anyway, Lancer Assault Pistol, Semi Auto, Working chainsaw coming soon.

    What happened to your super duper automatic machine gun thing?

    It was 12 pounds, impractical, jammed, didn't work very well...Need I say more?

    Aw, 12 friggin pounds of malfunctioning child construction plastics eh?

    CHILD construction plastic? There's 50-year olds that "play" with K'nex.

    Um, they're still children inside? ya'know like, in their hearts and stuff?

    Yeah.........sure....MAN I AM F****** CRAVING GENERAL TSO'S CHICKEN

    Yeah...my car's speed sensor is broken so I can't get any, and the buffet is too far to ride....

    Nothing in my old area delivered...

    =( poor you.... come live with me! we can bring you to chinese food!