Picture of pumpkin teeth

Halloween isn't the same without pumpkins. This year, take your pumpkins to the next level by adding some terrifying teeth! These toothy mini pumpkins were made by adding plastic vampire fangs in a mouth opening. This simple trick produces great results, and is super easy to do. No special carving required!

This is a fast, fun, and easy project to complete. All you need to make your own are:

  • plastic vampire teeth (mine glow in the dark)
  • mini pumpkins
  • sharp knife

Ready to make some scary pumpkins?
Let's go!

Step 1: Scoop innards, make mouth

Picture of scoop innards, make mouth
scoop innards:
Cut an opening around the stem of the mini pumpkin so you can scoop out the guts and seeds. Using a spoon, dig out the pumpkin insides, save the seeds to roast later.

mouth opening:
Look for a large surface to place the mouth. Using one of the plastic teeth as a reference, small marks were made on the surface of the pumpkin for the mouth opening.

A rough rectangle opening was cut for the mouth. The mouth opening was then shaped with a knife to fit the teeth.

add teeth:
The teeth are friction fit into the mouth opening. For elongated pumpkins with larger mouth openings the teeth can be separated, then pushed into place.
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nanob0t made it!10 months ago

Thought this was a great idea, so I decided to incorporate it into my design! My pumpkin must not have liked it though, he ripped his head off...

thundrepance10 months ago

all of your choices for EYES cracked me up, mikeasaurus .... the drilled round ones remind me of DOMO :D {i love domo}! the one with the hands in the air made me laugh out loud!! ( ;^D

mousebear10 months ago

cool i love this

tymcioszenko10 months ago

dude :D that looks awesome! im going to buy pumpkin just right now!

tymcioszenko10 months ago

dude :D that looks awesome! im going to buy pumpkin just right now!

jdavis81 year ago
This is a fun project for kids. These are some of them we came up with.
Raitis jdavis810 months ago

Had a good laugh at this one, thanks!

mikeasaurus (author)  jdavis81 year ago
Are those teeth stuck in the top of the foreground pumpkin? Yikes!

Thanks for sharing your pumpkin teeth, enjoy the 3-month Pro Membership and digital patch.
Yes they are. We thought the bigger pumpkin looked hilarious with out it's top teeth and then an idea was born to put them on a smaller pumpkin like so!
lovelpsandmlp10 months ago
Ward_Nox10 months ago

you could use glow in the dark fangs with a blacklight LED inside and get a creepy glow effect

bconner610 months ago

They have Awesome teeth you put in a pumpkin, Scary Fangs, Funny Buckteeth,Glow in the Dark too. Also check out the NEW Vine Arms & Legs too.. https://www.etsy.com/shop/PUMPKINTEETH


These are cute Martha Stewart had these in her Blog a few years ago then she found these Awesome teeth made for Pumpkins. Here is a link for both.


And here is the link to the Etsy shop that has them :)


Ace Frahm1 year ago
This is great! Maybe you could manage to leave just enough shell in front of the teeth to carve some "sneering lips" shape? Maybe just a thin carving at the sides to create the impression of the corners of the mouth by slicing off some orange skin surface but leaving the yellow flesh underneath? But simplistic is good too, easy to do, still has personality, makes a non-joiner person more likely to participate when they see how easy it is to get a great result with little effort.
sgiandubh made it!1 year ago
These were WAY too much fun! This little guy found a nice quiet spot on the mantel. I will post pictures of the rest as soon as I can chase them down ,the ones with wings are quick!
creature 2.jpgcreature 2.jpgcreature 2.jpgcreature 2.jpg
bob110001 year ago
I haven't tried it yet but I voted for you on both of the subjects
yahooti12 made it!1 year ago
This is my first vumpkin! This is such a fun idea. It can be a bit tricky to get the teeth to stay (at least maybe cheaper teeth) when you have a longer mouth. I used less than a fingernail's length of wire below a canine and a piece of a coffee stirrer under another to secure it. If you have toothpicks I'd either use them or if you have any plastic forks (clear/white) you can use the tines off the fork. I don't know where my toothpicks wondered off to but the coffee stirrers work! So my vumpkin has a couple cavities but I still love him. (My teeth glow in the dark too but alas my camera doesn't pick up on it.)
mikeasaurus (author)  yahooti121 year ago
That looks great! I love the derpy eyes, and your idea of wire/stir stick is a great idea if your mouth is too large to hold the teeth in place.

Thanks for sharing, enjoy the patch and 3-month Pro Membership!
horrendous! ;-)
Teachersears made it!1 year ago
Cool idea. Thanks. Here's my daughters Frankenstein chasing Bob, and my scary clown drying in the garage.
mikeasaurus (author)  Teachersears1 year ago
Whoa, great pumpkins!
Thanks for sharing, enjoy the patch an 3-month Pro Membership!
MB-DK made it!1 year ago
I know I didn't get very creative and come up with my own design for this little guy, but I loved yours and used it as inspiration for my first attempt. These are the COOLEST pumpkins ever! I will be making more as decoration for our annual Halloween party! These are going to be a staple for years to come. Thank u so much for sharing! LOVE them! :)
MB-DK MB-DK1 year ago
No idea why my image uploaded sideways...hope you can tilt left! ;)
Great idea! Here's our version of a pumpkin with teeth. But instead of plastic vampire teeth, we made clay teeth and used a bigger pumpkin. Also we added a fog machine as a cool feature. Check it out!

Noise Maker made it! Noise Maker1 year ago
Forgot to add some images.
mikeasaurus (author)  Noise Maker1 year ago
Beängstigend zähne! Vielen dank für Ihre version, genießen Sie bitte die 3-Monats-Pro-Mitgliedschaft
Thanks :) Dankeschön :D
CJRivera1 year ago
it would be more awesome if those eyes where glowing too, but its cool anyway.
Wiccy C made it!1 year ago



I made a Thing! =D
mikeasaurus (author)  Wiccy C1 year ago
That looks really fun! The eyes remind me of crab eyes.
Thanks for sharing, enjoy the 3-month Pro Membership and the digital patch!
Brilliant! Definitely making one of these, thanks.
Cool! What a great idea! Definitely making one of these:) Thanks
hunter9991 year ago
Oh man! You should have posted this in the pumpkin contest :)
MB-DK1 year ago
I LOVE these! Hilarious, cute, creepy and so perfect for Halloween! Great idea - thank u for sharing!
luge9mm1 year ago
Están super Cool
Deathcapt1 year ago
These are amazing. I love it. I will have to try this soon, maybe put some on my desk at the office.
poofrabbit1 year ago
These are so stinkin' cute!
mrfoltz1 year ago
Some of your pumpkins are Hilarious!!! :)
Amazing, can't wait to make
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