Remote Start System for Car Truck and Suv





Introduction: Remote Start System for Car Truck and Suv

this a Instructable on how to make a basic remote start system for a car truck and suv and some cases lawn mowers i did this due to the fact that i had a extra key switch for my car so i told my self why not it controls acc switch and coil with a switch for the starter that returns to off and looks like a switch but i dont rember where i got it a good website you can go to for better parts is for the push buttons for the pre made panels

Step 1:

you will need:
extra wire same gauge as you wire on you starter switch
starter switch
solder and iron
switches and or push button switch

Step 2: Id the Wires and Mock Up

snip and strip the wires and look up in you car manual to find what wire goes where  and i did a mock up due to that fact i was short solder here is mine the next day i made it look cleaner step 3

Step 3: Finshup and Find a Good Mounting Spot

title noting much top say here but this will not make your car a key-less start due to the fact you need you keys to get you steering wheel out of lock mode



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Questions & Answers


Wouldn't it be better to replace the switch to start the car with a button?

ya but im in the middle of finding ones in junk yards

hmm, when I read "push start" I think of actually pushing the car, popping the clutch and starting the car that way.

This looks like a "push-button to start system"

I'd suggest adding a few sentences to your first step (the one that comes across the RSS feed), explaining exactly what you are doing here. I don't even understand why you are changing out a perfectly good keyswich on your toyota with stuff out of your parts box. Are you making a "remote start"? (I didn't watch the whole video).

thanks i fix that


A remote start sure comes in handy for repairs. It also keeps grease out of the passenger compartment.

Mine, on an older, simpler car, you had to insert the key and turn it to start. Then from the remote start you could crank and stop the car at will.

I need to build one of these again so I can start and stop my car while it is up on a lift.

i want to make another one so i can use it like that because my car dont have the neutral safety switch for my 84 corolla manual tyranny so you can use it like that if you thank about it

you should a momentary switch for the "start switch"

i used things out of my parts box i want to get me a trd push start button but the junk yard dont have any newer Toyotas for pickin