Introduction: Pvc Crash Test Dummy

Picture of Pvc Crash Test Dummy

The perfect subject for all of your expieriments can be made with this instructable.

Step 1: Arms,legs,and Body

Picture of Arms,legs,and Body

Step 2: Joints

Picture of Joints

Step 3: Drill the Holes

Picture of Drill the Holes

For the body , drill 4 holes (2 on each side). For the arm and leg pieces drill 1 hole.

Step 4: Put the Rope Through the Holes

Picture of Put the Rope Through the Holes

Just feed them through until both sides are equal.

Step 5: Put the Arms On

Picture of Put the Arms On

Step 6: Do the Same on the Bottom

Picture of Do the Same on the Bottom

Step 7: Head

Picture of Head

Drill one hole

Step 8: Neck

Picture of Neck

No particulare size.

Step 9: More Holes....

Picture of More Holes....

Put one more hole in the back.

Step 10: Tie the Head On

Picture of Tie the Head On

Feed the rope through the head and tie a knot on the inside , then tie a knot on the back. Trim the excess rope.

Step 11: Face

Picture of Face

Cover the open end in duct tape.

Step 12: Face

Picture of Face

Draw your own!

Step 13: Final

Picture of Final

Put the face on and then your done, a perfect crash test dummy made for all your expiriments!!

thanks for looking bye.


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seamster (author)2014-08-29

Ha ha! Very cool.

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