Step 6: Sailing away

Picture of sailing away
Worked like a charm. It was very strong (shown by the two times it flipped out of the back of my truck on to the road on the way to the lake) and light. The times it hit the road made some holes in the tarp which I fixed with some duct tape just prior to launching. I think I will add a peice of plywood and a coushin to raise my butt up a little to make it easier to row.
Lifejackets, people! Please! Especially with a project that looks like this.
dark0one4 years ago
wow duct tape master! i would think you could make it much more sturdier and durable with PVC joint and connecttions! was just just a fun project??
McGyver24 years ago
This is just a suggestion for the skin, but couldn't you jut do a Duct Tape skin instead? I imagine it would be a bit more taught and look a little cleaner. Again, just a suggestion.
Monkeyboy135 years ago
how hard is it to  step into the boat? what are you sitting on in the picture? just the tarp?
I just got finished building my own PVC kayak. I used 1 inch thickwall PVC though. Very strong. Thanks for the detailed plans!
This is very clever, but all of my tarps are FULL of holes... it just makes it hard for me to trust the blue tarp haha. Maybe for future kayaks, you could use black rubberized roofing instead of the tarp, for added durability.