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Introduction: Pvc Pipe Bird Playgym

So I have 11 Birds ranging in sizes from a plum headed parakeet to a blue and gold macaw. They all interact acceptably some are even buddies however it is always supervised playtime. So I saw the Play gym at a local pet place and the price was outrageous. So I made one myself. They are slowly exploring it with caution and I am not completely done as of yet. I plan to continue to make it grow and more colorful and interactive.

You will need:

1. PVC pipe cutter @ $15.00

2. PVC pipes (I bought 1/2" but you can grow as big as you want but smaller is not recommended unless you have smaller birds) @2.68 each 6 ft.

3. PVC elbows, crosses, t's and 3 ways so far a dozen of each @4.23 ea bag.

4. KO-flex wraps (so far i have used 8 rolls @ 5 ft. @3.89 ea.

Then get creative i used Google to see examples and then made it fit for my birds. I dont clip the wings of my birds so they are free to explore, walk, crawl around it.



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    It looks so cool. OMG! You are awesome and your birds look very happy.

    Your birds look pretty happy on their new play structure. Thanks for sharing! I hope we see more from you in the future!

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