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Introduction: Pyro System

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instructable coming soon

concept credit to everrett bradford



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    If you want a more reliable ignition, use a negative ion generator (available at electronic goldmine)... you can get a continuous 1/4" gap from them... its what my version uses, and my ignition is 100% reliable.

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    The ion generator offered by that website uses 120VAC. Would it work with just battery power?

    they offer two generators... one is rated for 120VAC the other for 12VDC... the 12VDC model will run fine on 9VDC from a battery, or 12vDC from an N type security battery (for short runs).

    Ah, ok. I only saw the 120VAC version. Thanks for the info.

    but arent those usually powered by 120 ac? the system i use is reliable enough for what it does though

    the one from electronic goldmine is 12Vdc, designed for car uses... it works great off 9-18v from 9v batteries

    might be interesting to try. ill look into it or you could try it when they finally post my instructable

    Comments very informative I can't light my skull on fire myself as of right now second party lights torch for me. and I supply the gas. may add the ignition system u guys r talking about. motor cycle has tons of voltage. see Ghost Rider costume on fire driving into parking lot here. Please vote as well in Halloween costume and villians contests.

    could you email me the instructable. im really anxious to try this.

    wow you really got the whole trigitron ignition working well, ive wanted to make an instructable on that but i always have so much trouble with it (i use it on my potato cannon)

    gshoppe could you post an instructable on your version plz

    sweet but u should try things such as putting the nozzle or the butane at an angle up maybe 35 degrees? that way you can tilt your hand/wrist down and it still shoots straigh making less fire hazards and opening up an oppurtunity for a larger flame

    if you put a tiny piece of copper in the flame, it will turn green. thanks

    ive alredy published it but its not showing up. ill be pm-ing someone soon