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how to make a quad copter in home

Step 1:

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Step 2:

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step 2 . insert the boards in that

Step 3:

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step 3 ended - now im make it

Step 4:

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quad copter drivers . its ready for you .

Step 5:

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its ready ... . . . . let go to fly

Step 6:

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Ended project .
now i have build a go pro camera for this quad copter

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Step 7:

its ready for you .

home made quad copter

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ghorbani77 (author)2017-09-19

also im write about my programming project in

محمدش21 (author)2017-02-16

دمت گرم :)

tablok made it! (author)2015-01-12

i was maked 3 copter

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