Picture of quality duct tape wallet
standard duct tape wallet with 2 pockets for cards. this takes about 30 minutes to make. i like it because you can customize to exactly the size you want.

the main trick to making a nice duct tape wallet that lasts a long time is to clean up the seams and edges - you don't want the edge of a strip of tape at the edge of the wallet, it will fray and the glue will get on your pants. i've pointed out all the places where we add an extra strip of tape to clean up an edge or seam.

oh, the other important thing is to use good quality tape. cheap tape disintegrates and the glue melts and gets all over. this is my third wallet - the first one fell apart after 6 months with crappy tape, the second one lasted over 2 years from good tape.

tape options: you can use good quality duct tape, gaffers tape, or reinforced packing tape. other types may work also.

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Step 1: Make "duct tape cloth" and cut to size

Picture of make "duct tape cloth" and cut to size
Most of the instructions are in the photo-notes. Move your mouse over the yellow squares to read the notes.

You will need to work along with the photos to build it. Click every photo in order and match your work against the photos as you go.

thoraxe6 years ago
My wallet. It has reinforced sheet aluminium siding so it will never wear out, the soda can tab chain hole is reinforced, and i have a duct tape holder that fits in one of the 2 card pockets. I may add another, but i ran out of yellow tape :(
wallet001.jpgwallet 002.jpgwallet 010.jpgwallet 003.jpgwallet 005.jpgwallet 006.jpg
frenzy thoraxe5 years ago
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 Oh my...
Why not make it all out of aluminium - unibody, like the Macbooks...
COOL! :)
unuseal but cool
chrisharne3 years ago
My wallet from these instructions lasted two whole years. It's beat up now - sure - but it far outlasted my expectations. That one was pink; next one is orange...

Mine is fire orange
Mine is fire orange
Mine is fire orange
SparkySolar6 months ago
I love my new wallet
SparkySolar6 months ago
thank you for this awesome instructable
SparkySolar6 months ago
My first attempt i will shield my CCpockets with doubly folded aluminum tape.
Then decorate with wild coored Duct tape later
BradleyB27 months ago

I'm sorry but these instructions ARE pretty terrible, please add more actual text, I understand the hover over box thing, but it still doesnt all make sense

ShajiS8 months ago

looking so pretty...want to make mine own... :) ...also pls teach how to make mobile covers or bags using duct tape... thanks...

abetts made it!9 months ago

We also made one. Very happy!

abetts made it!9 months ago

we made one too, thanks!

I made it, but not as pretty. :D
coolsista91 year ago
listentome1 year ago
was gonna make one in black with the pockets difrent colors but didnt have only black tape :(
crazylam151 year ago
i cant wait to have one like this
OjoeMDC1 year ago
ive made a wallet but not this good! wow
cris193752 years ago
i made one like it with one big pockets
You should add a step putting aluminum foil in the walls of the wallet, to block RFID.
jackfaciale3 years ago
doesnt the glue of the duct tape melt everywhere once it is warmed by your pocket ?
BLUEBLOBS23 years ago
Here's mine.
kaylaucod3 years ago
wow you are truly amazing i have a duct tape business and i sell just duct tape wallets! but i have an idea but of course i give will give you a load of credit
samthor3 years ago
Here's mine based off your instructions.
Once you the hang of how to make pockets in duct tape you can make any style of wallet you want.
jthateous3 years ago
Made mine all camo and longer than normal, then made this for my friend. I put money on one side then cards on the other in this type.
JunorDuck4 years ago
Hello everyone. If you would like to check out some wallets, I have a website. I am currently listing Bi-folds and Towers in many different colors and prints. If you would like to check it out, it is: junorduck.etsy.com. I am also on Facebook. I just got some orders for check book holders and I will soon be unveiling on of my own designs.
Wallets (Bifold) 037.JPGWallets (Bifold) 037a.JPGWallets (Tower) 002.JPGWallets (Tower) 002a.JPG
Those are cool! I like the tape you used, where did you get it?
you can do anything with duct tape :)
napalm24 years ago
made 2 today-- just want to say great instructable. great idea, and mine came out great
cburton24 years ago
My wallet :D I've got one card pocket on the left and I made myself a money pocket on the right. Used little bits of Velcro to keep the lid down :L Doesn't look the nicest with the Velcro but it is useful!
evilmadcow4 years ago
for all you magicians out there: you CAN make a fire wallet from this. I don't know
if I have anything that can be applied to duct tape to make it non flammable, so I won't be making an instructable on that anytime soon.
out of all of my brainpower at that moment, I was stupid enough to forget about a chef's best friend: tinfoil. it's almost physicality impossible to burn.
Here is my Wallet.
It has a very Individual look and is a great starter for conversations.
Ive been using this for several months now, and its still holding, and will probably for the future.

Also, it holds all my cards and my public transport pass JUST the way I want it.

great 'ible, thank you :D
deej8275 years ago
MAKE FRIGGEN DIRECTIONS!!!!!!!!! THIS IS NOOOOOT CLEAR! I CANT UNDERSTAND A WORD OF IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1. there IS directions. 2. they make perfect sense
erm grow up ? its so easy mate -.-
Really? I found this quite easy.
I do to think that it was easy. Deej827 I think should learn how to hover his mouse over a picture before going after a fine instructable. Also, he needs to learn proper punctuation and spelling, and needs to stop shouting.
i agree!!!!
kibbler4 years ago
heres mine
a little odd- i have made a billion
but it works well
i have the plan B logo on the front :D
Photo on 2011-12-29 at 11.54.jpgPhoto on 2011-12-29 at 11.54 #2.jpg
NOODLE! kibbler4 years ago
thats fun!
i like the model but the cash slot isnt traditional
dan (author)  kibbler4 years ago
is the window to see the bill just for fun? and the plan-b logo? or is there a special pocked for storing plan-b in? wouldnt it make more sense to have a prophylactic pocket instead?
kibbler dan4 years ago
i didnt explain very well, sorry. the window is for money, the lower half has three credit card pockets. the plan b logo is just there-
that may be a good idea, but under the window is another pocket in case the money doesnt fold. does it make sense to you now?
JavaNut134 years ago
Have been using my wallet of this design for over a year. Managed to make a coin holder without any velcro etc! amazing stuff, wicked design!
hughligen4 years ago
Very nice, I did some improv because I made mine to wide and I found that it gets hard to fold when it gets thicker, are there any tricks to help with this?
Bommelding4 years ago
I just made one, it took me an hour but that could be because i'm only 15 years old and i have no experience at all with taping things :P
Good instructable :D
armorlord4 years ago
Awesome ideas.. definetly something I will use to improve my own wallets.

I found this website that has a bunch of duct tape related items... people should check them out it's awesome

kevddado4 years ago
Awesome! I just made two..the first was crappy then I made a better one..thanks!
blaidf3254 years ago
i actually bought one of these tapedcoats.zxq.net pretty sick nice tut yes
I've made wallets before, but I took a look at yours and you have a lot of tips that have made mine more durable/neat. Nice job!
this ductape wallet is ttly awesome
this is great! but i must have done somnething stupid...my first card pocket makes my cards stick to it when i put them in...just the very end of the card sticks
you left an open, uncovered part of the pocket, a sticky side, way down at the bottom

ethoo4 years ago
It is a good wallet. I suggest though you work on keeping everything smooth and neat. I guess I could consider myself experienced considering I'm merely 13 and have the neatness part down. If you aren't already, try using an exacto knife, a ruler, and a more efficient process.

best of luck...

Smasher5554 years ago
I made my own, except a little less durability and thickness and with normal duct tape. It has the super long money slot, about 8 inches long and, one card slot, (and yes it works).
Smasher5554 years ago
I'm going to buy some digital ACU camo duct tape at Walmart. (Hopefully)... And I'll let you all know how it turns out.
Nardo094 years ago
very nice work, this was the very first instructable i hav completed :D good instructions, but i think it would be better with clearer text. overall nice work
JamesHawke4 years ago
Our company sells these, I advise you do too, because we have grossed over 65 dollars in 2 days.
Jimmacle4 years ago
A good idea is to use Velcro if the wallet doesn't stay closed. Just a couple of little squares at the corners kept my really thick wallet stay closed!
thisismin34 years ago
i made mine out of gorilla tape, very good ible, 13 and very experienced at duct tape wallet (have 7) and overall, good instructions, vague at times, but seems like it will last long, thank you
Garlikguy4 years ago
good instructions for us smart folk, and great wallet. needs a few revisions, but over allgood.
blodefood5 years ago
I like this because it does not use exact measurements.   Sizing it to the bill is very important because bank notes are different sizes in different countries.  Canadian paper money is a little larger than US and I understand English pound notes are larger than Canadian bills.
thicker in width
5CUBE FX6 years ago
it would be eisier to click on photos instead of having to go pro to veiw them
i can see them just fine
I agree. it sucks because you can't see them.
tip: when you do the "4 on top, 5 on bottom", slightly overlap all pieces, otherwise the finished wallet will be too tall. that may sound confusing, but i can't think of a better way to describe it.
instrct5 years ago
i found 3 different wallets like these on tapedcoats.zxq.net. btw how long did this take to make?
freeduino5 years ago
would it make the wallet more stable if you used cloth between the layers? anyone tried it? some canvas perhaps
bfetzer105 years ago
some of these instructions were not very clear 
sparktech5 years ago
make instructions!!!!!
Jdawg4285 years ago
this is sort of hard to understand
correction this is so hard i just wasted my duckt tape
lost_sanity5 years ago
yay! i just made one but i ran outta duct tape half way throught :S

i haz clear pockets!
yokomolotov5 years ago
this is very fun project when you have cats. cat hair + duct tape = XD
 nice! very concise instructions, simple too! keep up the good work!

Werth6 years ago
it might help if you told us how long to make the strps
dc123 Werth5 years ago
he said use the size you need tofit ur stuff in dumdum :)
I think this is where he means "customize" to make whatever size you want.
ok. so whatever size, and then divide by two to get length of closed wallet?
dan (author)  Werth6 years ago
see last photo in step 1
bigfoot1015 years ago
 made one it was awesome and very easy for me. thanks for making this!!!!!!!!
coffipop5 years ago
this is fufed up fugs
NickZa5 years ago
hey thanks mate, here are some pics of mine that i made :)
duct tape wallet 1(2048x1536) 632 KB
here's my first attempt at a duct-tape wallet (im 13)
most of the instructions were simple but the air-con didn't help much, blowing my tape out of place as i was applying it! 
the brown stripes are decorational only (felt)
i stole some velcro from my old wallet and attached it to my now-safe coin pouch which worked grandly

PS it's ok if anyone would like to send me some cash to try it out
Very nice! I like the addition of the velcro, brilliant job for a 13 year old, if you don't mind my saying!
thanks, everyone at school loved it
its sad coz you can't see the slip I made for photos, I forgot it was there!
lol and the superglue i used for the velcro melted off so yeah
the tape costed $15
lol i forgot to mention the photo slip its invisible!
This reminds me of my first and only duct/duck ( whatever you call it ) tape wallet. Forgot where I put it. Must have a bill stuck there somewhere. I got a bit confused so I just made my own wallet with my own design so I won't be stuck with reading directions. Btw, yours actually looks a bit ( more )  cleaner than mine. Currently making design that is suited in all weather conditions. Well, the wallet won't get soaked, but it's the bills I'm worried about!
13dwarf5 years ago
i like it but some of the directions are a little confusing
JasonMyers6 years ago
I think I'll make mine with a few colors, or make a blue wallet and throw some multi colored stripes on it.
Or you could just buy the "tye dye"  or multi-coloured styles of duct tape
my dad reckons the glue from the duct tape would get on everything and make stuff sticky
can someone justify this?
maybe ill just make one and shove it up his nose:P
Yup, made my license, credit card, and student ID nice and gummy. I didn't do that edge right, though. Also, the back of my first started to have a lot of gummy on it, but I've been using it for close to four years.
CaseBoy5 years ago
 i made duck tape wallet with a money clip and credit card holder
spazz_lmnop5 years ago
I used Gaff tape and its amazing
duckman6335 years ago
thank you so much i made it and it is great!!! thank you
choren5 years ago
 This is a great instructable!  I made 7 different wallets last night using this as a base.  I liked the fact that the comments were right on the pictures so you knew exactly where and what you were to do.  Thanks!!!!!  
macs_rock5 years ago
 For a first time duct-taper, my wallet turned out great. I skipped the second card pocket, because I really don't carry many cards with me. Thanks for the directions!
This not a  bad wallet. The dirctions are for peaple who can visualize it in there mind and peace it together can realy make this great
ayebaybay5 years ago
Hey I was wondering if you could just make a video instead? If it's to much than its cool thanks. ! but I really want to learn it just seems to complicated i hate reading lol ..
keithsachs6 years ago
mine came out reallllyyyy bad.
keithsachs: Let me see it then. Mine came out so that I had to cut the top off!
so did mine.... I'm going to have to make a new one mine going to wear out soon
glugnar5 years ago
 i made a bi-fold like this one but it doesn't have a pocket on the left and its really durable and its smaller
glugnar glugnar5 years ago
 and its not as complicated
neysahead5 years ago
Great instructable.  I like a smaller wallet, so I ended up making it with two fewer strips of tape in the initial steps.  You can still make both pockets according to the steps, but you end up with a smaller wallet.
Safrapath5 years ago
Must try!!!! i needs me some duct tape!
thats one of the neatest and cleanest wallets around, good job
think ill stick with a paper wallet
awesome, my dad loves bi-fold wallets so maybe ill make him one for his b-day
this is so awsome i made one for my dad
sharlston6 years ago
woaa thats well good,neat design -sharlston
jvasseur6 years ago
Nice project! I did this a few times before getting the hang of it. Some of the steps call for a bit of intuition but it all worked out well. Thanks!
duct tape wallet.JPG
thats cool make a ible? :)
This was my first attempt at a duct tape wallet - I covered up the tape with images of NKOTB attached with clear packing tape.
thats cool why not post a ible? :)
That, madam, is awesomely retro in a way that brings tears to my eyes. (As is "Angsty Donnie" on the left-hand pocket.)

I wouldn't have the guts to try it myself, though; I'd never hear the end of it from anybody who knew me back then.
Thank you! Ive been a fan of NKOTB since I was in 3rd grade - and still love em, lol. I went to their concert in October - and am going to another concert of theirs in a couple weeks. Gonna bring my wallet too!! :D
You should get them to sign it that would be cool
If I actually got to see them that close up, I would! I'm going to my 3rd concert on June 2 and its front row, so we'll see! :)
sharlston6 years ago
thats well cool i might make one! :)
FiremanDave6 years ago
Thanks for taking the time to create this instructable. I can think of a couple minor improvements that I'll post next time. My fingers hurt from all the duct tape pulling. heh.
haha i made mine a lil diferent with clear duck tape and put comics inside and it turnes out great lol im just good with duck tape .
spikelea6 years ago
I personally make duct tape wallets. i like your design, but may i recommend adding a coin pouch. make one side a coin pouch and the other use to hold a bunch of cards. all you have to do is make a pouch and put a flap at the top that folds over the top, and just use a strip of duct tape to secure it close.
benboy4446 years ago
thanks heappps. i didn't have any duck tape at home, so i just used some wide, cheap masking tape. i really hope my wallet lasts, coz i spent like an hour on it.
btrfly12276 years ago
What do you do with the long strips when you cut it?
Here's my first attempt at a duct tape wallet. I like the rubber band... it's handy.

Here are a few other duct tape things I made today. Including three kinds of wallets, and a couple of cases.
dude your wallet is awesome with that clear duct tape I am thinking of making my next one with packaging tape or out of ordinary duct tape but with some clear parts made out of packaging tape, like the card pockets so I can see my cards without taking them out of the pockets. I'll post a pic of mine later that I already just made it looked really good at first until I ran out of duct tape of both kinds and then I had to tear some duct tape off of some old duct tape and pvc rubber band guns which were from a year ago so the duct tape was horrible but it still worked but the finished product didn't look good. I made a really cool latch like thing on the horizontal card pocket so I could hold coins in it because it didn"t have an area to put coins in before. anyways cool wallet! :-) XD =) :D B-) :-P 8-) &-)
michi1231236 years ago
how do u cover it with masking tape?
michi1231236 years ago
it took my like 1:10 mins to finish and i screwed up on the second pocket
ductman6 years ago
im going to make an instructable but i dont know how to get the pictures on the each step!!??!!?? please relpy
stoker2216 years ago
hey wat are the suplze
thanegill6 years ago
Nice instructable! I did my own version with a few more pockets for credit cards and such, and a clear one for my drivers licensee. i will probably add some sticker or something to it also
ductman6 years ago
so cool
I'm teaching a class on duct tape crafts at the library and this is one of the patterns I used, thanks so much!
cam426 years ago
Nice, but anyone know how to make a tri-fold? for some reason, I absolutely cannot use a bi-fold.
river1406 years ago
Hi! Well, it took me longer than half an hour to put together, but it is beautiful! I've made a few other duck tape wallets but they always end up getting sticky and falling apart. This one seems like it'll last. Thanks!
ducttapesam8 years ago
Theres a better way to do it.
If your talking 'bout how to present it, video. If your talking about how to make the wallet, I've got no idea.
Haha. Your instructable is right now on german television :-D
Right! IT was on a german TV show called "Galileo"

@joschis-island: ich find aber die 3 spacken im Fernsehn da irgendwie eigenartig. So wanna-be frickler. "Wie uncool" Die Bastel-Boys omg
Ja halt Pro 7... Hätte man mehr draus machen können.
cmorton6 years ago
ya best .wallet quality good directions suck
Bats6 years ago
If anyone made this and has the Measurments it would be awesome! by the way im making mine out of clear tape
11rex11 Bats6 years ago
hmm... remind me to watch you buy something so i can write down your credit card numbers lol jk
that is a good idea but the measurments are up to you depending on the size you want
no directions just pictures it is confusing add more details but nice job
c-foster16 years ago
i used 8to9 inchesfor the 5 and the 4 short and 12 inches for the long one
wow amazing instructable it is very easy to follow i made mine look more colorful
wallet 002.jpg
duck tape6 years ago
the steps are confusing
stevie16 years ago
http://www.shopxscargo.com/product_catalogue/cat_product_details.asp?category_id=24&product_code=24677&sub_category_1_id=119&category=AccessoriesI mad emine yesterday and did the 9volt battery clasp thing that bullettime29 was explaining. then today I went to buyrite aka tha dollar store and found these:
pixiefix6 years ago
I like the color of your duct tape.
callum1366 years ago
what's the dimensions of the pouch? great Simple design
Dang. I would have never thought of doing a wallet out of duct tape. When i was in kindergarten, we had discipline cards and the more you got, the more you got to have or do. so i made a paper wallet by folding 1 piece of standard light blue construction paper ans covered the whole thing in the teacher's tape from the dispenser. it lasted untill 3rd grade when it was ripped up by me cuz i got mad! **LOL!**
Supergirl16 years ago
this is awesome! any one can do it!!!!!!!
Hey guys... AWESOME addition that i made! If you have a bunch of cards/cash and you find that your wallet is popping open a lot (or you just want to have all the bells and whistles like me =]) follow these steps:
1. take a rectangular 9 volt battery
2. pry apart the casing to expose the long rods inside
3. squeeze the casing some more so that the rods fall out
4. take the little snap connector plate out of the husk
5. cut it in half and somehow implant it into each side (the inside) of the wallet
6. awesome! now you have a clasp!
Yeah opening a battery kinda dangerous
Well, if you're bursting open the cells then yes it is.
Well, then don't burst the cells.
you could probaly just but a 9 volt battery connector, might be safer and easier! (or like others said just a get a clasp)
As good a clasp as that might be, im not gonna open a battery...
yeah, just so you guys know, 9v batteries aren't single cell. inside of them are multiple quadruple a batteries (AAAA) just watch this video to see what's inside: http://www.metacafe.com/watch/360955/9_volt_battery_hack_youll_be_surprised/
is it even POSSIBLE to get those batteries anywhere else? if so, what uses them?
Here's a Wikipedia entry about them. It looks like walgreens sells them though.
well, i'm sure that they sell them some places. i think they might be for digital cameras or something like that. but don't quote me on that.
Sorry to go against the grain, but some of those instructions really weren't clear at all. Please, add some actual instructions, instead of just using pictures.
dan (author)  HarveyDanger7 years ago
most of the instructions are in the photo-notes, you need to move your mouse over the highlighted zones in the photos to see them.
I know; they aren't very clear, at all. I meant some written instructions like the ones in the paper wallet ible.
it really isn't that hard to realise what to do.
Well then why don't you actually be constructive and explain them to me, instead of being condescending?
not hard. its tape and folding. dont be rude this is amazing. a 2 yr old can make this. its that easy.
Awesome Duct tape wallet, im making mine now. its easy-- so easy a caveman can do it! --Wait, that's Geico--
Again, please don't be condescending. I wasn't being rude. If you all want an example of well written instructions for something like this, go see the paper wallet 'ible. There's a reason it won the Book Contest, after all. That's all I'm asking for.
Sorry, the link didn't show up for some reason. Here it is: http://www.instructables.com/id/Paper-Wallet/
dan (author)  HarveyDanger6 years ago
its like LEGO instructions. make yours match the pictures in each step. trying to describe it in words would be far more confusing and lengthy.
I agree, the instructions don't seem to be very well written. I got the concept, but It would have been nice if the steps actually had clear instructions. although I should really write my own instructable before I start telling others how to write theirs.. XD
amyclark dan6 years ago
Thanks--I didn't realize what those little squares were for--but those have excellent instructions! Great wallet and good instructions once you know to click on the squares in each photo!!
I made this wallet with a few alterations, mostly how the seams were put together. After i was done I remembered on popsci that if u have tinfoil in you wallet people cant scan your RFID cards. So I added a tinfoil layer on the back and taped it up. It works great now, great instructable!!!
james15836 years ago
thanks for this dan i made a realy cool duck tape wallet

alysssalyn6 years ago
i made one in highschool with the silver original duct tap... and it was awesome. I used a paper template (alot more complicated than it shoulda been) and it lasted for a while, but accumulated so much stuff like coupons and receipts. until it burst. i still have it but its not longer useable and i didnt want to fix it cuz itlooks like a hobo made it hahaha so i'm gonna make a new one when i have a use for a wallet... like money... and cards... i have neither :P
TROUT6 years ago
I made one but i never saw this one this one makes it easier than the one i did.
I made a lot of Duct tape wallets, once i overstuffed one and it had an iD case, a credit card holder, a change holder, 3 credit card slots, one money pouch, a large pouch where i stored a duct tape belt, a belt loop on the wallet for the belt, and a bunch of other small trinkets. Too big to be conventional, but fun.
tycoonist6 years ago
I did the same idea, except out of shiny aluminum tape for heaters. After some thinking about it, i added a cell phone holder and turned the pocket on the right into a clear window for a photo id.
Stew26 years ago
I was reading the comments on one of these wallets (not sure which one though!) and noticed someone inquiring about using Gorilla Tape. I tried it for the heck of it and though the resulting wallet looks about as tough as a sherman tank, it seems too stiff to be useful. Plus the stuff was a lot harder to work with... I think I will stick with regular good quality tape and save the Gorilla Tape for other projects. Not really related to this instructible I know, but just info for anyone that was curious. Have a great day! :)
Stew2 Stew26 years ago
P.S, I love this design! I have made two based on it already and am going to make a camo one for my son today. Great ible, thank you :).
Random4026 years ago
I always get the size wrong on step one... Which messes up the whole things because it's too big. How big should it be? And the steps where you create the pockets are a bit hard. Thanks.
jessevc6 years ago
there is one part i had trouble with the 1 small square inside the big square that you can't read
dan (author)  jessevc6 years ago
sorry i fixed that part
symesy6 years ago
All you people who are saying there is a better way, then show us, don't just say it. I think this was a good Instructable, but could have been explained better. I still had no idea how to make one though. Stop saying and start doing it!
knittinghen6 years ago
More details would have helped b/c this is pretty simple once you figure it out.
Nemiro6 years ago
Indeed. Smaller steps dammit! I have to run all around the web looking for youtube videos of other wallets, etc, in order to work out what you've done.
hewnstone6 years ago
Thanks for this tutorial. I will make this wallet. Just have to buy some duct tape. Peace.
oryx8 years ago
wow-whee! this worked great. first time ever making something out of duct tape. now to make an mp3 player case/sleeve! me likey!
DSC00872 (Medium).JPG
I like it !!!!!!!!!
dan (author)  oryx8 years ago
wow, that one looks really nice!
junits156 years ago
my friend made me one of these like a year ago, i love it soooooo much!
shauny2946 years ago
i have a black one of these.. and i can guarantee i made it first. you thieves..
totallytape6 years ago
Very cool. You really CAN make anything out of Duck Tape. Have an iPod? Try making an iPod case. I give free instructions off my site complete with pictures. Check it out! http://totallytape.com
this one is way betr than the one i was trying to make. Mine were turning out lumpy and uneven.
Toxic Pyro6 years ago
I made one exactly like this, but added another pocket out of clear packing tapeon top of the pocket on the right side, good for an ID card place
Andreano6 years ago
Thanks! My first try wasn't too great, but at least I know how to make one now... :D
jocrafter6 years ago
Great! Thank you so much for easy to follow instructions. So many were too complicated. I need this for showing 6th,7th& 8th graders how to make one. Now I can! They will be so excited. Thanks again!
i converted the bi-fold wallet to a wallet clutch with two card pockets inside. i had to add a velcro strap to ensure the money stays in. turned out really good though. pardon the phone pics.
Batryn6 years ago
Nice!!! I made this and added a waterproof/secret pocket. Just make a really large card pocket and duct tape the opening, to open just unpeal the duct tape
Thanks For The Inspiration... ;) I added a few things to mine, like the bill divider. I also used to different types of tape. I used an industrial for the bulk of it, and a thinner tape for things like the divider, in the center. Again, thanks! --daniel
i made mine with masking tape LOL!!! i couldnt finish cause i ran out of tape
i made one so close to this but it had 2 pockets on the left side, and I used red tape
AznPanda7 years ago
>.> i already did this b4 but its nice just i would buy a wallet instead they are nicer and last pretty much a lifetime if you have a good one but good job 4 outa 5 starts =D
the whole POINT of a duct tape wallet is so that you DO NOT have to buy one. and also, you can add stuff on easily.
uhh oks
Dude thank you so much for posting this. i perfected the layout of the wallet. now i sell duck tape wallets with 4 card pockets. i have made over 100$ selling wallets. i will soon post an instructables thing on how to make the ones i make.
the point of duct tape wallets is NOT to buy them. if people really want them, they make them. if you're selling them, that defeats the whole purpose of the duct tape wallet.
thats cool
dysp19947 years ago
If you pay attention to the pics it will kind of come to you it did for me:P. its pretty good but year you should have explained it better
xDcal337 years ago
great wallet. the worst directions on the site
YEA ALOT more acual instructions
ryanteaguy7 years ago
mines cooler
noahs7 years ago
i love it is awesome
lucaskk7 years ago
nice I've made allot of them have your Instructable memorized by heart now lolz ty
geek277 years ago
Awesome instructable. Clever design! I made some for my friends and they loved it as well!
Veyron7 years ago
Nice..My old one (leather) was worn and frayed; I used black and blue duct tape for both. The second one uses cardboard wrapped in duct tape to give it shape. Crappy cell phone pics of course..
umm... yeah cool i supose but not the best and your suppossed to type whate to do
ok i am a certified duct tape pro...(dont ask how) and ive been makin wallets ties and even purses for years but never with card pockets thanks for the info
Mehmed68 years ago
I just made a version out of alluminum foil! I am posting the insrtuctable soon.
Mehmed68 years ago
awesome insrtuctable. i made mine out of masking tape
wacamoledip8 years ago
these are some hard instructions to follow
HumanHacker8 years ago
Doesnt the duck tape get sticky? Ducktape on my car tends to peel off or slide off and leaves residue everywhere!
Mekkie Boy8 years ago
This is a great instructable, thanks!
Daddio_UK8 years ago
3M Company made one of these years ago www.3m.com/intl/CA/english/centres/home_leisure/duct_tape/dt_workshop.html
misteek8 years ago
i just mad one with really crappy normal sticky tape and i must say i am very pleased with the end result. great instructable!
sumplesnoob8 years ago
The roll over that you cant get to says: split the strip in half here, half goes into the pocket. Just thought I'd share that...
That's really cool. I figured out how to do that on my own a while back, nice of you to put an instructable so I don't have to teach the fawning millions...:P seriously, nice job!
vimisam8 years ago
I used clear tape but i rushed it so it's not perfect. It is lighter than the duct tape one though. Sorry for the pictures, I just used my cellphone camera
binnie8 years ago
Hey what about clear tape?
comes off too easy
wiggins84728 years ago
Here's a picture of my modified version using the same techniques as above.
Camo Wallet.JPG
wiggins84728 years ago
For a few more pockets I used the same techniques as you but added horizontal pockets on both sides and three vertical pockets on each side over the horizontal pockets. This makes it about as thick as a conventional leather wallet. Also, if you can't get it to lay flat heat up the back and it will loosen up. Also, camouflage tape looks really cool on these.
Ultimate08 years ago
Very cheap duct tape is available at WalMart. You can get something like 5 normal sized rolls in a pack for around $6. :)
Maybe it's $10... All I can remember is that you get rolls for about 1/3 the price of a roll at home depot or online.
P.S. I think they only have the normal gray color. :)
Peepers8 years ago
coolness . . .umm ya!I've made some but i sold them to people and then bought more duck tape!
Jesus105558 years ago
does it start to get sticky after a while?
q1w2m8 years ago
I use to make these my duct tape wallets
tjsdaname8 years ago
that is grate i will try that, nice one!!!
sounds cool. but wouldn't it be too like loose?
dan (author)  sugerfreak_bahar138 years ago
it holds stuff just as well as any other wallet.
loganbell8 years ago
this thing is cool, i made mine and i taped up one half of the top slit so i could but coins in it, the end result was better than my old wallet
dan (author)  loganbell8 years ago
yes! the best thing about making your own wallet is you can easily make it *exactly* to your own needs
Wow This thing is perfect Not ever seen better plans for a wallet this shows everything and is simple not complex great job ;)
well made and documented, good job.
I made mine with a flip out card holder, a snap change pocket, and an invader zim logo...

don't you just love shameless advertising
theRIAA8 years ago
mrbob10008 years ago
beautifull... simply butifull... but you should also try making a rose
jerbtown8 years ago
Can't wait to do this - thank you! Now to go get some camo duct tape....
cry_wolf8 years ago
Very nice instructable. It has clean slick edges, and the yellow color is fancy! You could probably make some color combos, fancy lining. Maybe a sik lining inside. =D